11 Tips to WOW Your Readers

You know, there’s nothing better for me than that “in your face” feeling. For those who are not familiar with this outstanding sensation, no worries; you’ll soon experience it after reading this post. In the meantime, let me describe it for you. The “booya,” also known as the “in your face feeling,” is like the smell of freshly-brewed Colombian coffee (Ethiopian would do as well) in the early mornings, like peeing after a traffic jam that had you stuck for hours, like scratching that mosquito bite that is itching so much. It is, in a few words, the best feeling ever. Because if you are going to dedicate your valuable time to do something, you should do it like a boss, or in others words, Captain Content’s style!


Surprising and engaging your readers will take some time and effort. I still remember the first time I had to wow Engage, which is probably why I’m like the Hitch*** of content marketing. Believe me, engaging Engage is like trying to tell your audience to pay attention to you just because you are amazing, cool, loyal, and you deserve that attention in return. Right? Well, I have bad news for you. That’s not gonna work. Niet. It didn’t with Engage, and it won’t work with your users that happen to be very selective with the content they pay attention to. They already know the game, so flowers are not going to work, though wine might be effective for a couple of hours, or a trip to Paris might make them consider it for a bit. But if you really want to WOW your readers and BOOYA your competitors, you are going to need much more. You are going to need the whole trip included (open bar, yeah you are going to need that). So, let me be your concierge for a day and give you the best tips to create content like a boss.

***For those who haven’t seen this movie, do yourself a favor and watch it.

Shorter is Better Than Longer. Hey, I’m talking about URLs here, so cut the crap…you and your dirty minds. Did you know that URLs that rank in the top have 50 characters on average? Yes, by making it shorter, you’ll increase the possibility that your users will share it. Also, as Rand Fishkin suggests in this post, the more readable by human beings, the better. Think about this: would you click on this URL?


OR on this one:


Common sense people!

Make a Statement. While you don’t need to propose to her at hello, you’ll need to definitely make a statement in your first line, and since we are still talking about content, I mean in your title. Your title should be like a Prada purse, which is Engage’s fave designer. She is like one of those chicks who can proudly wear a ridiculously expensive purse in her PJs. BTW, the other day Engage took her Prada to Wal-Mart, and OMG…I’ll tell you that story another day. Your headline needs to be:

  • Helpful: Your headline needs to feature how it will benefit your readers, the same way my Clinique for Men moisturizer highlights my beautiful face. Your title also needs to promise your users content they can learn from. I’m a big fan of the Lenka Istvanova’s headline formula:

Numbers + Adjective + Target Keyword + Rationale + Promise

  • Unique: Same way you need to be unique with the things you say to her, your title needs to say something new, in an original way. “Your eyes are as blue as the ocean” won’t take you much further. In fact, she’ll give you that look. Yep, the one that reads: “Oh c’mon, really? That’s the best thing you can think of?” And you don’t want that look, do you? Go ahead and paste your title in a search engine to see if someone has previously produced that content or topic the same way you are planning on doing.
  • Powerful: Your title needs to be as powerful as my superhero powers. Well, maybe not that much because you can hurt someone (I’m pretty strong, you know), but it should definitely convince your users that your content will be worth reading.


Picture Her. Just like when you practice in front of the mirror what you’ll tell her in your next date and the faces you’ll use to seduce her. Because you do that, right? Who doesn’t? You need to picture the audience that you are going to create that content for. If you have a online beauty store that sells long-lasting lipsticks for the modern women, you know, those that will last even after drinking a couple of Appletinis (damn it, I think I spend too much time with Engage), your content marketing strategies will need to speak to that type of young, modern, and free woman. In other words, you’ll need to create your persona.

Make it Share-Worthy. Although you normally wouldn’t share your chick, when it comes to content, you just want the opposite. In order to make your content share-worthy, before you start to work on your next blog, do some research on that topic and see who is ranking in the top for that particular topic. Then, copy the domain of that source and paste in one of my bookmarked platforms, aherfs.com, to check how this content that you found is performing on the different social media platforms. If that content was shared a great number of times in any of those platforms, BINGO! You have your next topic! Now, in order to make your blog even better than the original that you just analyzed, try to increase the amount of given details by going deeper, implementing a better design, and update the content with other resources that weren’t available at the time that blog was written.

Oh and please tell your busy web developer to add floating share buttons to your blog! These type of buttons can increase social traffic by 27%. Jeez, can anyone tell me why Engage didn’t communicate this to me before?

Be Different and Elegant: If everyone else is wearing those khaki short shorts, why would you like to wear them as well? That’s why I wear a freaking amazing cape…hello? Isn’t that obvious!? (Well, that and because Engage once told me that she finds it super sexy when men wear capes and spandex.) Adding videos, memes, gifs, an infographic, and different types of content other than just a regular boring picture will get the attention of your users, and it will also make the content easier to digest. Regarding that last point, did you know that a well-performing post normally has around nine pictures? Try to include an image every 75-100 words. Also, here are three other important benefits of using quality graphics:

  • The average page ranking number one has 12,000 Pins.
  • High-quality images get 121% more shares.
  • Tall images get 57% more Pins than average.

Evergreen as Our Love. Oh, whatever. Did Engage edit this point? Anyway, your content can be as lasting as the lipstick we were talking about before. Some blogs just make sense today as they did a couple of years ago, and that’s pretty powerful. Writing these types of content will assure you that your content will stay relevant to your audience and that it will keep bringing more users back to it months after it was posted. Try to write about this type of content by not restricting your topic to a specific time-frame.

Follow the Cool Kids. Yep, we are back in high school, and, sadly, you want one of those kids to take you to prom. Truth? I never really liked those popular kids, but the reality is that they have a pretty damn good influence amongst their sheep. Now, back to reality…these kids are called influencers, and I actually love them now. Well, maybe that is because I’m part of the cool group now. GO ME! Linking your content out to other relevant sources with high-authority will give you authority, and it will help them, too. See? Just like in high school… told you!

Gif Source

Give Me More. Good content is actionable and insightful. Just. Like. Me. Instead of giving your users ebooks or whitepapers to download for free, why don’t you offer them some options to keep interacting with the content they are reading? Brian Dean has actually increased conversions by 785% by using a content upgrade technique. This technique consists of including and holding some secret resources that will enhance and complete the blog that the users are reading, compelling them to download it in order to access it. Genius!

Make it Exciting. Injecting emotion in your content pays off. Engage tells me this all the time, and who can not pay attention to her with her two big attributes: intelligence and… I’ll keep the other to myself, if you don’t mind. In fact, 85% of the decisions we make are made by the unconscious part of the brain, which explains a couple of things in my personal life. Well, the thing is that emotions will create the awe you are looking for in your audience and some companies like Coca-Cola know how to master them.

Quotation Might Be Your Salvation.

Engage will be pretty proud of me here. If you believe that, after writing a crapload of words your users are going to remember everything, your perception of reality might have some discrepancies. And, honestly, the sooner you realize this, the less you’ll suffer. It took me a while, so take it easy. I still remember those good ole days when I thought every one of my fellow superheroes were reading my stuff until one day I put them to the test and found out that none were even clicking on the link to read more about it. Those bastards! So, if you don’t want this to happen to you, you better start using

Click To Tweet

or a similar app ASAP.  These types of apps allow you to customize some tweets that highlight some relevant quotes within your content, so users can easily and quickly share that piece of content through Twitter. You’ll thank me later!

Don’t Love Yourself. I used to do that all the time! Thank God I know how to learn from my mistakes. Talking about me and how badass I am is a thing from the past. What? Alright, alright, I might still need to work on this a bit more. Jeez. Anyway, if your content is constantly talking about your services, it’s not going to move any needle. If you don’t care about readers, your readers won’t care about you. Provide actionable content, start to nurture and to not torture your readers, and you’ll see how you can get a call from Justin Bieber in a couple of seconds! Exactly. Wait, that’s what he said to Selena Gomez, right? His momma didn’t like her because she just loved herself, and neither will your readers!

So, follow Justin Bieber for more tips on content marketing strategies, and don’t forget to bookmark our blog if you don’t want to miss another freaking amazeballs content marketing lesson! If you need our help to make your competitors hate you a little bit more, please feel free to contact us. That’s like music to our ears. If you need more engagement in your content, don’t freaking dare to call Engage; she is mine, are we clear? Sorry, I get pretty aggravated when that happens, please be so kind and call me, and I’ll be more than happy to pass along the message to her. Until next time, digital citizens!