We all know that content is key when it comes to winning the Google real estate game, so how can you leverage the content you’ve subscribed to from The Contentinators to succeed with your SEO campaign?

3 Content Marketing SEO Tips

  1. Share, Share, & Share Alike.
  2. Google loves to see that your brand and web site is popular. So, the more that you share your content at other online venues, the more Google looks to your company as an authority and as a publisher of fresh content. Share your content at your social media channels like Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
    (Each piece of content produced by The Contentinators includes corresponding social media posts.)

  3. Use Custom Title & Meta Descriptions For Each Post / Blog.
  4. Google does pay attention to Title tags and places some weight on the meta description tag. Be certain that you use a customized SEO friendly title tag & description that includes a few targeted keywords that you are after in Google.
    (Each piece of content produced by The Contentinators includes customized meta Title & description tags.)

  5. Frequency.
  6. Be certain to keep feeding your Content to Google, it will reward you by visiting your web site often (as it seeks more and more content). The more often that Google visits your web site, the more opportunity you have to get your content indexed quickly.

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