There’s a lot of talk around the Internet about content marketing. There are also a large amount of marketing managers who are frustrated because they can’t keep up with the content demand. That’s precisely why I created The Contentinators. We offer superhero style content written by folks who KNOW your industry. We chose the subscription model for three reasons outlined below:

    3 Benefits Of Content Subscriptions

  • Frequency.

    Our content subscription packages provide your business with the right amount of content to make a difference with your SEO / Internet marketing efforts.

  • Consistency.

    Our superhero content writers are hand picked by our editor (Captain Content) so you can be certain to have a consistent voice / personality in all of the content you purchase from us.

  • SEO Inside.

    SEO is mission critical today which is why every piece of content that is inked (typed) by our superhero content writers is optimized by one of our ON STAFF SEO experts. You not only get amazing content, you get the corresponding meta tags and optimization to make certain your content is making a difference.

    • To learn more about our content subscription packages call our sales rep Stefan at 866-471-4748.


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