Magnetic Content compels.

Magnetic Content engages.
Magnetic Content pulls people into your brand and introduces them to your world.
How can your content be more magnetic?
Consider the following pointers from our own Sleuth.
3 Ways To Magnetize Your Digital Content:

  1. Interactive / Visual.
    It’s imperative that you give your content readers a treat for eyes.  Simply throwing words up without images, videos, infographics, audio, etc., is NOT remarkable.  Dress it up, but don’t overdo it.
  2. Titles Speak.
    Spend some extra time composing the title to your content.  It’s the title that people are clicking on in search engines, social media channels and on your website, so make it count.
  3. Shareability.
    Is your content easily shared? People are much more prone to click a link if they’ve seen a friend share it in their social media channel.  Be sure to add social share apps to your content to get people sharing it across the net.

Spending the extra time to make your content more magnetic can reap huge rewards.  If your brand just doesn’t have the time to generate rich, premium, Superhero grade content, it’s time to call The Contentinators. 866-471-4748.

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