Make Your Social Media Posts Kickass

You know the saying “Looks don’t matter, it’s what’s on the inside that counts”? Well, when it comes to social media in content marketing, looks definitely matter. If your website is the front porch to your business, social media is the set of stairs to your front porch, beckoning your audience to come in and stay for awhile.

You wouldn’t meet with a potential client or business partner looking like a schlub, so your social media shouldn’t either.

Sure words are nice and all, but there’s a super important visual design element at play that can take your social media content from zero to hero, (pun most definitely intended), with very little effort.

  1. Images Are Everything

    In a previous post, I shared with you how important it is to choose the right channels for your brand. Some brands make way more sense on visual channels than others. But just because you aren’t a graphic design guru or a photography genius, doesn’t mean you should neglect content that can pack a lot of visual punch.

    Do you know what is go great about web? It gives you “skillz” you didn’t realize you had.

    Taking beautiful images has never been easier with some pretty amazing apps. And I’m not just talking Instagram here. Here’s a whole list of apps that can make your work seem frame-worthy, instantly. Once you have  rock-solidphotos, it’s good to layout themes that you’ll keep consistent throughout your image posting, like background or filter choice.

  2. Color Me Happy

    Color, (or the lack of), can make or break your audience’s perception of your content and your message. Crazy, right? But color has strong connections to our feelings about ourselves and others. Even we super-humans aren’t quite immune to it, and in fact, our bad content radars go berserk when we see lonely text on a blank canvas or worse, something that looks like an exercise in bad finger-painting.

    This handy guide can give you great insight into how your color schemes affect your audience. No matter which color you choose, be sure not to go overboard, and keep some variation of your color scheme consistent throughout your content. Your audience needs visual cues to identify your content as unique to you, and to keep coming back for more.

  3. Hey, Audio, You Can Sit With Us

    When it comes to attracting an audience, it’s not all about sight. Contrary to the exclusive Gretchen Weiners approach, exclusivity is a bad thing. Indulge your audience’s ears and eyes with some hard-hitting video.

    Video allows your audience to find out more information about you or your content, in a fun, engaging way. As with images, you don’t have to be an iMovie superstar to make a video. Twitter and Instagram have video features, and there are some great apps for mashing up clips to make for nice flow and background music. Plus, who could forget Vine?

  4. Layout, Layout, Layout

    Did you know our eyes are drawn to certain pieces of content because the layout of that content seems natural to us? Sometimes white space is just as important as content itself. It has to do with a whole bunch of rules that only graphic designers know and use, leaving the rest of us feeling in the dark when it comes to crazy things like grids and typographic hierarchy.

    But fear not. There are new design for dummies sites popping up every day. Canva is a favorite of mine, because it lets you actually choose your social channel format (think Facebook post or cover photo or Instagram post). It offers a range of pre-designed layouts, or you can go rogue and choose images, colors, backgrounds, shapes, and texts on your own. And don’t worry, there are snap-to and centering grids to make the process as pain-free as possible.

  5. content marketing through super hero design school faster than you can say RGB and CMYK.




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