Content Marketing & Dating

While it’s not the first parallel that comes to mind, the foundational principles for both dating and content marketing are essentially the same. Think about how you want to make a good first impression on the first date, which is true for brands who are introducing themselves to new users through their content. Over time, you will be able to establish an emotional connection that will make both you and your date/audience excited for the next encounter.

The inverse is true as well–bad content marketing and bad dates go hand in hand. For example, imagine going on a date with someone who only talks about himself or herself and how cool he or she is. Sounds terrible. The same applies to content marketing. More often than you think, brands will waste the time of their audience trying to make themselves look cool without a care in the world for the audience. While tooting your own horn is a good idea for advertisers, it doesn’t hold true for content marketers. Creating an emotional connection to your date and your audience is a powerful motivation to generating a lasting audience.

So, attention single marketers, let’s explore four principles that will apply to both dating and content marketing.

Don’t Hold Your Quirkiness Back

While you may not want to show the things that make you a little weird to your date or your audience, it’s going to help you differentiate yourself. By letting your freak flag fly, you can not only see if you’re actually going to be embraced by your date or your audience, you will be making sure you’re establishing your true personality early and often. You want to make sure that your partner or audience finds you charming, witty and exciting, and if you pretend to be someone you’re not, you’re not going to establish a connection built on trust and reliability.

In content marketing, it’s absolutely necessary for you to differentiate your brand by telling a story and giving your brand a personality. iHop’s Twitter account has the personality of a sassy millennial, while The Dollar Shave Club is manly and sarcastic. These distinct personalities give these brands more visibility because they are easily able to tell their stories by using their brand personalities.

Don’t Just Focus on Yourself

People who do things for self-serving purposes don’t tend to get a lot of love from other people. In fact, those people tend to thrive on conflict, and they don’t tend to form lasting, meaningful relationships. Do you want to know if you’re the selfish one in the relationship, whether you’re a brand or a human being? Well, ask yourself: do you start every sentence with I? That selfish construct can be damaging in both interpersonal relationships as well as relationships with your audience.

In content marketing, you don’t always have to be front and center and only talk about your services, offerings and what makes you better than everyone else. If you share stories that will inspire and connect with others, you will show your audience you value them, and in turn, they will value you right back. Adidas has recently launched the “My Girls” campaign that shares stories about extraordinary female athletes and the challenges they overcome to accomplish their goals.


Listening is an enormous part of establishing a relationship with someone. You want to learn about them. You want to make them feel heard. You want to adapt to the situation by taking in social cues. All of this is important in both dating and content marketing. Listening shows a sign of mutual respect. There’s nothing a partner or an audience wants more than respect.

In content marketing, listen to your audience to see what they care about or how they feel about what you’re doing as a brand. A brand can and will only grow if you’re hearing your audience and what they have to say. Maker’s Mark did themselves a great service by listening to their audience on social media after announcing that it was going to reduce the amount of alcohol in their product to keep up with growing demand. The feedback from their audience showed that they were displeased and angry that Maker’s Mark would reduce the quality of their product to reach a mass market, thus risking the loss of their own base. They decided to reverse the decision to dilute the alcohol content, showing that their fans and customers were more important to them than their profits, which in turn, would lead to more brand loyalty and overall awareness.

Don’t Give Away Free Milk Because They Won’t Buy The Cow

That’s how that saying goes, right? On a date, make sure you leave a little mystery on the table to make sure that this relationship is what you’re looking for, as well as to make sure you’re leaving something for the second date.

In content marketing, drive additional engagement by posting teasers and links back to your website on social media. Put some of your content behind a gate so that you can see if your audience finds your content valuable enough to provide you with their information.

While we may not be experts at dating, we are certainly content marketing experts. If you need help with your content marketing strategy, contact The Contentinators® today at 866-471-4748.