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Successfully Distribute Your Content

Ahhh, it feels good when you are done writing your blog post. After one hour (this may vary based on how inspired you are) of doing some research, writing, and drinking a cup of coffee, you are done with your post. You proofread it, you post it on your blog, and proudly stare at it for at least two minutes on your computer screen. You scroll up, scroll down… Beautiful. You even say to yourself “if this doesn’t go viral, I don’t know what will.” Ok, it’s time to wake up! The reality is that the odds won’t be in your favor. Unfortunately, it requires more than just amazing content with a great tone and an original graphic to make it among the most read / shared blogs circulating around that given week or month.

After all of the time you’ve put into the content generation of your blog post, you can’t just leave it sitting there filling a valuable space on your blog. You are going to have to share it around if you want to get your users’ attention. Since you probably know this already, today we go a step further to show you exactly where or how you should be sharing your content.

  • Create Snippets to Share it on Social Media: Every time you create a blog, you should generate a couple of snippets to help you share your content more than once in different and attractive formats. Some ways to do this are: creating a graphic with a statement from your content (as we show you in the sample below), pulling out some interesting quotes and stats, or rephrasing the title of the blog.
  • Mention Your Sources When You Share it: When you share your content, mention the expert source that wrote that blog, or the expert that gave you the idea to write about that topic, so those people help you share it around.

Build a large audience by sharing your content as real marketers do. Encourage your users to share it, but before you do that, don’t forget to ask yourself if you would read that content. If you pass this personal and ethical test, and you really believe that you are giving value to your users, then go ahead and put these techniques in practice. Remember that content marketing is not about torturing your audience, but nurturing them. If you need to feed your hungry audience with some epic content, we are here to help! In the meantime, please stay tuned for our second part of successful techniques to distribute your content.

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