A few years ago, having a website was all it took to get a piece of your market share. Today, having a website is only the very beginning. As more and more consumers travel to the web to buy, to research, to learn and compare, the more your business needs to focus on providing rich and relevant content to those hungry searchers.
Here are a few tips to get your business on point when it comes to a content strategy…

  • Listen To Your Demographic.

    What is your audience hungry for in terms of content? Are they more likely to watch DIY video content or read some well worded instructional blogs? Consider sending out a survey to your existing customer base, ask them where they hang out online, what they read, what they watch, etc..

  • Keep Your Content Real.

    No one wants to read or watch dry content. Keep your content real & human and your readers will come back hungry for more.

  • Keep Your Content Current.

    It’s vital that you stay on top of your market and read/watch current trends so that you can fine-tune your content accordingly.

  • Keep Your Content Flowing.

    Not everyone is prolific, but it is mission-critical that you keep the content coming. If you’re stuck, consider finding a guest blogger or grab a content subscription from us. The important thing is to keep feeding your audience and keep feeding the search engines.

For more content marketing tips, be sure to visit the Captain’s Blog often. Thanks for reading.


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