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Copywriting & Content Mistakes

Digital Planet, I make mistakes all day long.  Just this joyous morning, I was riding the elevator up to the third floor, stepped out, thought I cleared the ‘vator and felt a tugging sensation around my neck.  My Superhero cape was shut in the door and heading on up to the 60th floor with yours truly still attached.  No Bueno, and NOT a good way to start a Monday.  While I make MANY clumsy mistakes personally, I’m here to tell you about a few I see all day long with content and copywriting.

  1. Writing To A Black Hole.
    I can’t tell you how many brands I see that have no clue who they are writing their content for.  Maybe Mabel in Accounting had a brain fart last night and thought that your audience would love to hear the tale of her and her tulips, or Matt from Marketing saw a movie last night and wanted to draw some parallels between Ron Burgundy and the crazy, zany antics of your CPA firm.  My favorite, Charlie from shipping fancies himself to be quite the pencil artist, so he creates a wily comic strip series complete with characters inspired by the Dewey Decimal system.  The point here Digital Citizens is this.  KNOW what your audience is searching for and hungry for.  Otherwise, stay at home and plant more tulips.

  2. Hiring An Offshore Firm To Write To Your English Speakers.

    This one causes me heartburn every minute of the day.  As I ingest 14 packs of Tums a day, I caution you about subbing your brands content writing off-shore.  They are VERY nice people so don’t get me wrong, but not knowing WHO your audience is and how they read and speak will NEVER produce winning content.  Many firms simply hire offshore because their SEO company told em’ too.  If you aren’t writing for your humans, the ones who buy from you, don’t write another word.

  3. Writing Just To Game Google.

    This one causes me to drink and then eat more tums.  While I slam down a few Appletinis with The #Hulk steaming over Google gamers, please hear this.  Google is smart.  Smarter than me, probably smarter than you and yes, even smarter than your great nephew Hunter who has a degree in IT from the University of WalaWalla.  They know when you are trying to game them, so simply, STOP spewing out digital nonsense to improve your SEO.  Not only does it NOT work, your audience does NOT want to read nonsense.

  4. Putting It Through The Content Blander.
    People don’t have time or an attention span to read BORING stuff.  Whether you are a grave digger, Indian chief, line cook, rocket engineer or cow dung engineer, keep your content alive, fresh, inviting, shareable, readable, presentable and just down right amazing.  Be yourself and empower your content with personality.
  5. One Species.

    While I love to write and while writing earns me enough money to keep my stretchy spandex shiny, I realize that content these days MUST take on more than one form.  Much like the Hulk morphs into a green nut-job, your content should also take on different shapes.  Be certain that you offer videos (content candy), social media nuggets and some graphical representations as part of a balanced content breakfast.  Your hungry audience will thank you and throw you a bone in terms of helping you to disseminate your content genius.

Worried about the state of your Content? Give me a call on the Superhero Copywriting hotline today to discuss.  My team of expert digital copywriters can help evaluate your content and offer you a Superhero grade content roadmap.


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