The Internet is growing by leaps and bounds daily. So how can you make certain that your Contentinator content gets seen amongst a sea of content? I’ve listed 5 places below that you should consider distributing your copy at online:

5 Places To Distribute Your Content.

    • Technorati.
      A bit of an old school site, but Technorati is a great place to start adding your copy.
    • StumbleUpon.
      A social bookmarking site that allows other folks to ‘stumble’ upon your content.
    • Digg.
      A ‘news’ type of site that can drive some great traffic to your content.
    • Google+
      While Google + is still in a growth phase, it can be a great place to post your copy, and MAY get it indexed in the Google search engine much quicker.
      Not one of my favorite places in terms of quality, but you can change that now with your Contentinator copy.

Write On My Friends,
Captain Content.

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