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A happy guests is probably one of the most valuable “marketing tools” that any hotel can have to keep returning and new guests coming. Happy guests increase the chances of returning visitors, which is pretty much the dream of any reputable hotel with excellent customer service. However, nowadays, when it comes to customer service, it’s very important to keep the same level of happiness offline as well as online in order to keep your guests coming back. You can likely accomplish this through the implementation of a unique social media and content marketing strategy.

With travelers looking for hotels and planning their trips throughout different micro-moments (see image below), your hotel can only be relevant and useful if it shows up at the right time with a valuable answer for the guest’s needs.

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Considering the thousands of hotels available for your current and potential guests to choose from; your hotel will need more than a beautiful property to stand out from its main competitors to win those travelers micro-moments and keep guests coming back. With this in mind, our content marketing team has compiled five great content and social media strategies to keep your hotel in the top-of-mind of your guests and make them choose you again!

  1. Show Off Your Hotel’s Key Highlights: Posting pictures of the main highlights of your hotel on your different social media platforms, whether it’s a picture or video of your property’s beautiful surroundings, the huge pirate pool, or the Jacuzzi in the rooms, will work to bring back all the amazing memories that guests keep from their previous experience. This ignites the I-want-to-go-back feeling in them.
  2. Respond To Your Guests: As important as it is to answer your guest’s phone calls and offline inquiries, when a guest takes the time to go online and leave a comment, whether if it’s positive or negative, you should address it. Replying to your guests online and thoroughly monitoring all the online mentions to be able to react to any potential issue or trend will be key to keeping your returning guests coming back. The evil is in the details, and paying attention to all the comments will ensure that your hotel knows how to take care of its current and potentials guests and make them feel special. Remember that even a simple retweet or “thank you” can make your guests smile!
  3. Post Engaging Content: This is getting back to the first graphic where we talked about the traveler’s micro-moments. Generating valuable content that serves the different phases of the guest’s micro-moments will assure that your hotel is working as a valuable tool for your guests when planning their vacation. Learn more tips on how to tell your hotel’s story through content marketing.
  4. Encourage Guest Reviews: Word of mouth is one of the most effective marketing tools in the hospitality industry. Nowadays, with 61% travelers trusting online reviews to book a hotel, it’s crucial that your hotel has a significant amount of positive and user generated content to keep returning and new guests coming. Online platforms like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google are some of the most common ones that your guests will consider when choosing their next home away from home. Facilitating the access to any of these sources on your website will make it easier for your guests when looking for reviews, and it will make your hotel look transparent. Once the guest has left your property, sending an email using TripAdvisor Express will increase the chances that your guests leave you a review. Always encourage your guests to leave reviews once they’ve exited your property. Typically these review sites will track your IP address which could turn into an issue since leaving lots of reviews from the same computer can be penalized.
  5. Run Contests: Returning guests will typically follow some of your main social media platforms to keep an eye on your updates, maybe special discounts, and why not online contests! Contests are a great and fun way to engage with your social media users. One simple and effective type of contest could consist of a picture contest. For our purpose of keeping returning guests coming, one effective way of making this happen is to ask your guests to upload a picture of an epic moment during their stay in the hotel, and let users vote for their favorite one for a chance to win two nights at your property.

Keeping your guests entertained and providing them with useful and remarkable content throughout the year is a guarantee of success for any hotel looking to retain their guests and keep them coming back. A well-planned content marketing and social media strategy can certainly make this happen. If you are ready to take the next step in your hospitality digital marketing strategy, start implementing some of these actions or let us know if you need help. At The Contentinators, we have over 250 content creators dedicated to creating rich content that provides an amazing online experience for your guests.

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