Social media is allowing everyone, from the largest corporation to the everyday citizen, to present an online version of themselves. And your office of tourism should certainly not be missing out on this opportunity to use content marketing to your advantage and to reach out to the world with the vision of your tourism sector. But to be successful in marketing your tourism office and its ideas to the masses, it’s important to understand the terrain.

So, below are five things to remember to get your brand successfully out on the social media highway. This is not the end all and be all, of course, but with these five concepts in place, you’ll be well on your way to progressive content marketing.


There is nothing less likely to gain traction and inspire than a common and boring social media campaign. So many agencies, offices, and companies are looking to make their mark, which means that a unique approach is needed. And not only that, but those on social platforms have become so inured to online content, being able to stand out above the pack requires some creativity. Figure out something your community has as a beacon, and build around it online.

Don’t Overdo It

Frequency of posting is a very tricky thing. Being consistently present is critical, but being constantly there is a problem. One of the more common reasons a person may stop following your office’s feed is if they start feeling like it’s the only thing they ever see. Show a little restraint, and try to be circumspect about what is going into your posts.

Don’t be Afraid to be Weird

O.K., be a little afraid. Let’s not try to recreate Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in a straightforward marketing operation, unless, maybe, your tourism office is in Las Vegas. But, in an age of irony and non sequitur humor, being a bit odd isn’t a bad thing. And let’s face it, some of the information you may be posting regarding your office might be a bit, well, informational (a nice way to say boring). Spice it up.

Know the Tone

Your office should be on every popular platform it can possibly be, but it’s key to understand the difference in tone each site utilizes and how to use it to your advantage. It’s also important to understand the limitations of each platform, and this is something that takes time, but all good things usually do.

Know Your Audience

As an office of tourism, your goals are to present a location in its best possible light, as well as inform those who may be coming to your city. Also, you want to entice those who may be considering a trip. Highlight local deals, provide insider tips to places off the beaten path, and give people an idea about the local seasons. In short, be an authentic authority of all things local and tourist.

As stated above, effective content marketing takes time. It is NOT an overnight operation. You have to build your office of tourism as an online brand, and once established, you will be able to feel out the more specific benefits being a well-known social media resource entails. And there are many. Need help? Call The Contentinators® at 866-471-4748.

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Want to reach a whole new digital audience? We convert your existing blogs to dynamic audio experiences. #Audio #Blogging #Podcasting #ContentMarketing

Want to reach a whole new digital audience? We convert your existing blogs to dynamic audio experiences. #Audio #Blogging #Podcasting #ContentMarketing

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How's your hotel website copy? We're here to make it snappy.
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