Clouds In The Sky

Teach Your Content How to Fly

It isn’t easy to learn how to fly. I wasn’t lucky enough to have my mom push me off a tall building while telling me I could do it like a little baby bird. No, I had to learn the hard way, which is another story for another day. But you, my friends, are lucky! I am going to teach you how to make your content fly with effective content generation and content marketing strategies. Yes, I am speaking in metaphors and yes, I do that to impress the ladies.

So, you want to dive into producing great content and think that when you sit down to the computer to type, you will magically create a digital masterpiece. WRONG! You must have a plan of attack, and I recommend you taking the following steps in crafting the perfect content marketing plan so that your content will soar like the highest eagle, reaching heights never before experienced by man! Sometimes I just can’t stop.

Editorial Calendar: So many organizations just start writing crap while paying no mind to seasonal trends or audience interest. Sit down with your team, look at the year as a whole, and focus on topics that are relevant to their seasons. And please, don’t write about the deliciousness of hot chocolate when it is freaking 95 degrees outside. Common sense people.

Research: Once you have your topic, dedicate some time to actually researching it so you are not rambling on about crap you don’t get. Look for statistics to use in your content to help support it. 100% of people will read your content if you have a stat in there. Just kidding, but it helps support whatever it is you are trying to say.

Outline: For some people, creating an outline helps them to stay on track with their messaging. No, you don’t have to create an outline like you did in college, but jot down some points you want to make with a couple of things to back it up so you don’t wander around like the dude at the end of a massive mushroom bender at Coachella.

Write: I really can’t add any more wisdom to this. Go forth and write, young Padawan.

Edit: So, you may think that you were blessed with the ability to write perfectly, and guess what? You weren’t. There are always bound to be mistakes, especially if you wrote it. We tend to overlook our own mistakes. Well, I don’t because I am perfect. So, send your blog around to different eyes so that they can read it to catch typos, grammatical errors, or just suggestions on ways to make it better. And don’t be all sensitive and shit about it. Use their advice to make yourself a stronger writer.

Share: BRAVO! You wrote something. Aren’t you just amazing? Now is the time to share your brilliant little piece. Yes, it goes on the web, but research what social platforms your content would have the biggest reach with, and then get to sharing, little buddy.

Well, I hope you heed the all mighty advice of me, Captain Content, the 8th Wonder of the World. If not, you will subject your content marketing efforts to the clutches of the most evil thing in the world: irrelevancy. Trust me; being a wallflower in the oversaturated online world is just about the worst feeling ever. It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about you hovering in a corner, all alone, feeling small. But have no fear! The Contentinators® are here! Reach out to us online, and in the subject line, write “Send Help ASAP”, and we will swoop in to save the day.