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7 Evil SEO Lies

Greetings Digital Citizens. I’ve been around the digital planet for almost two decades now.  I’ve seen my share of good andI’ve seen my share of amazing, but I’ve also seen more than my share of evil. Yes. Evil does tend to run rampant on the Internet. Evil web sites, evil shoddy copy, evil email schemes, trickery on social media and last, but not least, evil SEO practitioners trying to deceive you and the search engines you use daily. The Contentinators® exist to squash this evil sector of the digital globe. We thrive on best practices to educate your digital audience and live to squash the forces out there trying to mislead you. I need SEO deputies, friends. I’m empowering you to join The Contentinators® in our quest. I’m empowering you to work only with SEO companies that understand ethics, best practices, and the common mission to generally do good. This is no small undertaking.  This isn’t for the weak. You may encounter evil like you’ve never encountered before. If you’re up to the challenge, please read the evil SEO lies briefing below, and remember to be ever vigilant against the dark side of SEO.

7 EVIL SEO Lies to be Vigilant Against

  1. We Guarantee Top 10 Placement. Nope. Insidious. This evil SEO promise is probably one of the worst offenses The Contentinators® encounter on a regular basis. No one can promise you top ten results in Organic search results, period. Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other search engines out there are not accepting bribes to get your content to rank above others. Simply put, it’s impossible for someone to promise you top ten results.
  2. We Work For Google. Rubbish.  If they worked for Google, they wouldn’t be flipping SEO services. Yes, Google does offer some partnerships and yes, they offer some certifications on their products, but they don’t go out and hire SEO types to sell services to get companies ranked in the search results.
  3. We’ve Cracked the Google SEO Algorithm. Um, no Captain Clueless, you haven’t. Not even close. Sure, they may have poked around a bit and had some success with rankings, but citizens, cracking algorithms isn’t what SEO is all about. It’s about feeding your intended audience with rich, compelling content. Google wants to see your business add something of value to the digital universe, not something intended to game or spoof a mathematical equation.
  4. If You Pay Us More, You’ll Get Better Rankings. Once again citizens, Google doesn’t accept bribes. Sure, you could pay your SEO company more to create more amazing, useful content, or spend some more time (hours) on your project, but at the end of the day, you can’t BUY SEO results from Google, Bing or Yahoo!.
  5. If You Change Your About Us Page 42 Times a Day, You’ll Rank Better. This is a half-truth. Having content that is fresh and changed, non-static can help move the SEO needle, but changing your homepage content multiple times daily isn’tgoing to get you to climb in the search engine results pages. What does move the needle is adding to your blog, or adding useful white papers, or creating case studies on a regular basis that educate and inform your users. Create unique content and reap the benefits within the search engines results pages.
  6. Link Building Is the Only Thing That Matters for SEO. No sir / ma’am. This is not true. This may have been partially true years ago when Google did place a lot of reliance on your site being linked all across the digital planet, but in order to squash SEO spammers, Google has relied less and less on inbound links as a gauge on how to rank sites. In fact, most recently, some key sources from Google have come out and said don’t go out and run a link building campaign if you are looking to achieve SEO results. Google wants people / sites to link to your website naturally. Create amazing stuff, and the links will be generated by others. That’s where the gold is.
  7. You’ll be Number One in Google by Tomorrow at 7:32 AM. If you’re hearing time guarantees from your SEO company, PLEASE kindly run the other way.  Much like they can’t guarantee top 10 placement, they can’t guarantee when Google will rank you, let alone IF Google will rank you. The Contentinators® can tell you that from experience, when an SEO campaign is done right, you SHOULD start to see SOME results within three months of initiation, provided that your site has no penalties, is built properly and is providing something of value to the digital planet.

Citizens, I implore you. When you hire an SEO firm for your business, make certain that they are looking out for your best interests. Make certain that they will NOT be using shoddy, shady, evil, deceptive practices to get your website ranked.  If they aren’t talking about creating and sharing amazing content in order to get your visitors excited, they aren’t the right SEO firm for you. True SEO is about giving and creating unique, amazing, rich and shareable content that your users want to read / view. SEO is NOT about tricks, gimmicks, deception, mathematical equations and technical mumbo jumbo.

To join our quest to squash evil SEO, call The Contentinators® today at 866-471-4748 or fill out our SEO contact form.
Thanks for reading citizens. With your help, we can squash evil SEO and make the digital planet a better, safer, more useful place.

Until we meet again, @CaptContent.


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