Content Marketing Strategies

If your business is like most these days, you’re working on your content in order to bolster your digital marketing efforts. Maybe you’ve got a blog writer, maybe a few interns, perhaps you’ve hired a social media company to generate some social content. Content marketing is really taking off and is helping companies tell their story to the right audience, at the right time, and with the right message.

With so much content being produced on the Internet at any given moment, how can the content that your company is generating stand out amongst the sea of freshly added content? The Contentinators® have been around the block a few times and have assembled seven content marketing tips to help your business stand out in 2016.

7 Content Marketing Tips For 2016.

  1. 1. Call to Action Retweaking: All marketers know the importance of a call to action (CTA), but how many more times can you say “Click to Learn More” or “Sign Up For Our Email”? Put some effort into your CTAs and offer those who take an action an incentive like a white paper on how to unlock trade secrets within a certain industry. Think about your audience, recognize a problem they face, and offer a solution for taking an action.
  2. Quit Spewing Out Content: Are you producing content just to produce content? If that’s the case, then you should stop. Keyword-laden content may have worked in the old days, but today’s content perusers appreciate quality content over quantity, allowing you to captivate a robust audience base. Also, be sure to spend more time determining the best way to distribute your content. What social platforms would work best? Should you invest in native advertising on a social platform for that content to increase reach? Content marketing means just that: that content needs to be marketed, not just produced mindlessly.
  3. Stay Current: One of the worst things you can do with your content is to be too broad in your topics. Be sure that your content is current and relevant to the industry you are trying to connect with. By staying on top of industry trends, news, and legislation, you establish yourself as an industry leader, meaning more people will read your content, follow you for future posts, and share your content with others for an even larger reach.
  4. Make Social Media Work For You: Social media continues to evolve for the content marketer as it allows you to gain valuable insights into user demographics and behavior, so be sure you are delving into the analytic portion of all your social media accounts. Also, don’t just use social media to promote your content. For every LinkedIn, Facebook post, and tweet, evaluate and adjust accordingly for each platform to establish yourself as a leader in your industry. It goes without saying that adding images to each blog breaks up the monotony, but how do those images appear on social media? Be sure all the images are sized correctly for the social media platform you are sharing your content on. Here is a nice little cheat sheet for social media image sizes.
  5. Never Stop Thinking About Mobile: Yeah, yeah…Google started penalizing websites that weren’t optimized for mobile devices. This is old news, but with the ever-evolving advancements in mobile happening every day, it will truly transform how content is defined. Imagine that you are a small boutique and users, while on their mobile device, can virtually try on your clothes by uploading them to their image? Be sure to always be up to date on all emerging technologies and see if you can apply them to your content marketing strategies.
  6. Repurpose Content: First, let’s discuss what repurposing means. It doesn’t mean to change a few words and Viola! It is now repurposed! It means to take that original piece and transform it into something else. It may seem strange to repurpose content, but think about what the Internet is. Nothing is stagnant. Everything is always in flux; always moving. So, when you post content to social media, it eventually makes it to the bottom of a feed, lost in the shuffle. But you created content with invaluable insights that must be seen! Hello, repurposing.
  7. Let’s say you wrote a fantastic blog full of great stats about the medical industry, then you can transform that blog piece into an infographic. If you are an auto dealership with content featuring current vehicles on the lot, highlight those vehicles in a short video on YouTube. When thinking about repurposing, visualize interactive content, which can be in the form of quizzes, calculators, contests, and polls and surveys.
  8. Wearable Technology: With 81.7 million Americans projected to use wearable technology in 2018, it cannot be ignored in regards to content creation. Five-hundred word blogs just aren’t realistic for viewing on an Apple watch, so remember that you can use the power of video and graphics to deliver your messages. Also, remember that content must be optimized for geographical keywords so that those doing a local search for your type of business can be found on their wrist.

We know it can seem like a daunting task, trying to stay current with technology changing at the speed of light, but that is why The Contentinators® do what they do so well. Please give us a call at 866-471-4748, or contact us online, and learn how we can take your business from zero to hero with a solid content marketing strategy.