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Secrets of Writing

Whether we write a cover letter, a blog post, or a sales pitch to win the hearts of clients, we can all agree that we need to write in a way that brings us closer to our readers. Writing should be engaging, riveting, and unique. Does your content seem to be lacking in any of these? Fear not, for content marketing experts, the Contentinators™, has come up with seven tips to help you score amazing content.

Avoid Hedging: “Hedging” is when you are excessive with content by trying to cover every little detail in an argument. Let’s consider the following example: “These days, students have at least some affinity for vampires.” Although the sentence does make sense, the phrase “at least some affinity” lacks the firm punch needed. A better sentence would be, “these days, students love vampires.”

Repetition is Key: It may not seem like it, but repeating certain phrases secures structure and rhythm in your writing. Repetition attracts the reader and pulls them into the flow of your content. Still, be careful not to have adverse effects by overusing it.

Shorten Your Sentences: Simply, shorter sentences are easier to read and take in. Your argument is more clearly presented as well. However, if longer sentences are needed, using dashes to divide the sentences is a great tool to take advantage of.

Lose the Passive Voice: Passive voice is when you switch the positions of the subject and the subject’s object. Your goal should be to use active voices, such as the following sentence: “The girl threw the first pitch.” Passive voices add unnecessary words, such as, “the first pitch was thrown by the girl.” See how much the same sentence got lengthened?

Eliminate Useless Adjectives: Unlike what most think, most adjectives don’t give more value. Consider the following sentence: “I’m very interested in quickly scheduling an in-person interview.” Removing all of the junk in this sentence can give you a shorter, yet sharper message: “I’m interested in scheduling an interview.”

Write Informally: Most of the times when it comes to writing the word “professional” doesn’t match up with “informal”. And sure, the phrase and sure isn’t suitable in most content. However, with the right techniques, writing informally gives readers the confirmation that you’re real. We all say first impressions are everything, and that definitely applies to your writing as well.

Be Direct: Excuse me, dear reader, but would it be an inconvenience and a disruption to your schedule if I requested you to do me the favor of just getting to the point? Going overboard on respectful and fancy words should be avoided when it comes to persuasive writing.

As you can see, writing should have a clear and simple flow to it. Regardless of what the reason for writing is, you should bring your true colors out through it. Getting your message across to the readers shouldn’t be burdensome or dreadful. Now that content marketing experts, The Contentinators™, have revealed these secrets, you’ll be on your way to creating epic content! Do you think you need more help? Check out more tips by following us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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