3 Marketing Musts Before You Create Your Content.
Content marketing is all the rage today and rightly so. People (customers, prospects, etc.) are seeking your wisdom in that magical little search box on Google.com. They have needs, questions, problems, wants, must haves, etc., and are in the drivers seat when it comes to buying today. So, before you site down to create your content (or before The Contentinators writes it for you….) here are three marketing MUSTS you need to do before you even fire up that laptop.

  1. Research.

    Do you know what keywords you should incorporate into your content? You may think that you do, BUT, your consumers may be using other words you never considered. The key to any successful content marketing program is knowing your your consumers / prospects are searching for. Utilize a tool such as the Google keyword research tool to find your content focal points.

  2. Use Social Media.

    What is your audience hungry for? Use your social media influence to ask your prospects what they are looking for and craft your content marketing program accordingly.

  3. Listen.

    One of the classic mistakes I see marketers make is that they don’t measure results. They don’t utilize Google Analytics, they don’t pay attention to the metrics, and consequently, they don’t know what step to take next. Listening is one of the core fundamentals to any marketing program and can help steer and focus your content marketing program.

Once you’ve published your content, it’s so important to watch and monitor the life-cycle of that content. Are people sharing it? Are they replying / commenting on it? Are you seeing an increase in website traffic? By paying close attention, you can help optimize and refine your content marketing program and deliver the best.

For more content marketing tips or to see how my team of Contentinators can help generate amazing, rich content for your content marketing program call us: 866-471-4748.


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