Beware Of Evil Content.

I flew out in the rain yesterday to visit a prospect near downtown Orlando. The rain was unpleasant, but what was worse, was the rather abrupt bird dropping shower I received after flying under a flock of mis-directed seagulls. Yuk, that probably won’t come out of spandex.
Moving right along…

Meeting prospects and seeing what they do is always a rush to me. As Captain Of The Contentinators, I’m always seeking to learn about how other folks do what they do. I met ‘Joe” and we hit it off. After a rather extensive tour of his facility, we sat down to talk turkey. We started discussing SEO, his target prospects and finally, my favorite topic, Content. He stopped me right away. “Hold the phone Captain” he said, we’ve got content taken care of. We just hired my 18 year old nephew last week. He knows all about the Twitter and The Facepages, so he’ll be doing that content stuff.” My jaw dropped. Obviously, I couldn’t contest too much as it was his family, but I was shocked that a company of this size was going to trust content creation and social media to a junior writer / Tweeter.

Joe’s nephew may be a brilliant author and social media rockstar, however, there is much to be said for marketing and writing experience. My fear for this prospect, EVIL CONTENT. Evil content lurks wherever excessive Tweets are posted, Evil content shows its ugly head on nonsensical blogs. Evil content comes out in force when shoddy SEO firms sub out their content to highly discounted content writers who are merely trying to game the Google search engine with digital nonsense.

My friends, the digital world that we live in is becoming an evil content cesspool. Hiring amateurs to represent your brand could be Internet suicide. Before you hire your 17 old cousin, nephew, roommate, Xbox buddy to represent your brand online, please think twice. Content is NOT the place to cut corners.

Now, back to the content fortress to meet with the League. We’ve got some amazing writing to do if we’re going to stop the proliferation of evil digital content.

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