The Digital World Is Full Of Boring Stuff.

“Cows, after you’ve seen them for a while, are boring. They may be well-bred cows, Six Sigma cows, cows lit by a beautiful light, but they are still boring. A Purple Cow, though: Now, that would really stand out. The essence of the Purple Cow — the reason it would shine among a crowd of perfectly competent, even undeniably excellent cows — is that it would be remarkable. Something remarkable is worth talking about, worth paying attention to. Boring stuff quickly becomes invisible.
The world is full of boring stuff — brown cows — which is why so few people pay attention. Remarkable marketing is the art of building things worth noticing right into your product or service. Not just slapping on the marketing function as a last-minute add-on, but also understanding from the outset that if your offering itself isn’t remarkable, then it’s invisible — no matter how much you spend on well-crafted advertising.”

Seth Godin, The Purple Cow.

These words hang proudly at the Superhero Headquarters of The Contentinators. We’ve been around the net, we’ve seen the boring, we’ve witnessed it first hand. There are indeed too many brown cows in the digital world and our mission is to create remarkable. How can your business create remarkable content?

Consider the following Content creation tips:

  • Remarkable starts from within.
    If your brand is trying to create remarkable content, a remarkable website, a remarkable social media presence, that remarkable needs to start from within. Are your products amazing? Are your services remarkable? Is your staff passionate about offering up amazing customer service? Once you have an amazing product / business / service / employees, you can build an amazing digital presence.
  • What is your purple cow?
    What is the most amazing thing about your business? Is it your expertise? Your product? Your system? Isolate the purple cow of your business and generate your content around that purple cow.
  • Are your social media followers remarkable?
    Remarkable loves company. Be certain to surround your brand with other remarkable folks and social media followers. Let the good word spread and let it grow.
  • Remarkable starts with a plan.
    I can’t stress this enough, take the time to create an editorial calendar for your brand. Craft your remarkable content around that plan, stick to the plan. This will ensure that your content is focused, solid and timely based on your sales / product cycles.

When your brand needs remarkable content, you need The Contentinators. Call one of my superhero content writers today to discuss ways to get your content purple.

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