Captain Content Exposes Engage’s Sweet Moves

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How is that for a headline, huh? Haha. Greetings digital denizens! It has been awhile since I graced you all with my impressive and vast knowledge of everything pertaining to amazing content marketing. I do apologize for my absence, but I have been fighting content saboteurs (and nursing a few hangovers; damn you appletinis!). One thing that is seriously bothering the hell out of me right now is those who just really SUCK at posting the good stuff when it comes to social media. Think about it–there are tons of social media platforms to use and so many companies just freeze up like a turd in the Arctic. There are posts with links, posts with pictures that blow, posts that just make absolutely no sense when it comes to branding. NO ONE CARES ABOUT CUTE KITTENS! Well, I happen to adore them, but there is a time and place, people.

I decided to call on my fellow superhero, Engage, and sit her down and pick her brain. In case you didn’t know, Engage is HOT with capital H. But don’t let that foxy exterior distract you from her even more libidinous interior. Engage knows her shit when it comes to social media, and she can engage audiences better than Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account. Side note: let us take a moment of reflection as we remember Kim’s important “Selfie in the Bathroom”’ masterpiece. Holla!

CC: Welcome, Engage. I must say you look smashing, as usual. How is everything going?

E: Stop it, Captain. While the rest of the world might think you have this “Most Interesting Man in the World” thing rocking, we both know “Little Bitch” is a more accurate description. Hello…you drink appletinis and wear spandex.

CC: Nice to see you took your antipsychotic pill today, Engage.

E: Bite me, Captain.

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CC: Well, alrighty then, Engage. So, let’s us get down to it…ummm the interview that is. As we all know, your super power is the ability to engage with audiences across the web. If you had to give one piece of advice to people looking to increase engagement with their audience on social media, what would it be?

E:I have said it before: looks matter. When it comes to social media, there is no fairy tale story of the cute guy picking the ugly, but super sweet girl over the bitchy pretty one. In social media land, the pretty girl wins EVERY TIME.

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CC: That is pretty harsh, Engage, coming from a “pretty girl.” Care to elaborate?

E: Listen. I can’t help that I am hot, but I am nice at the same time. Look at me: “complete package” and all. But think of social media as the face of your business and if that face is all jacked up, then it’s a major turn off for a user who could be a potential customer. It is important that all businesses hoping to be successful online implement an effective social media strategy that incorporates many aspects.

CC: I like it when you use big words, Engage. Makes me all tingly inside. What kind of things do organizations need to be mindful of when trying to make their social media strategy the pretty girl at the party?

E: The use of visuals, whether through graphics, infographics, cinemagraphs, or videos, are all great things you can add to your social media plan. Think about previously published content and ways that you can turn that into an infographic or video.

CC: Ok. I think we get it now. Through visuals, you can get an audience excited. What other ways are there to captivate your audience on social media?

E: Don’t brag! No one cares about how awesome you are. *Ahem, Captain* If people are following you on social media, they are already interested in what product or service you are offering, so you don’t need to keep reminding them about your amazingness.

CC: Interesting…and a little embarrassing. I have been known to boast about my abilities. What else should companies avoid on social media?

E: Do not over post. It kind of ties with the bragging. If you hijack people’s feeds, it is too much of a good thing…unless you are Ian Somerhalder. There is no such thing as too much Ian. Imagine if he was picked for 50 Shades! Anyway, the posts you choose need to be high quality and used sparingly. Make your audience want more, not be turned off by too much. Think Kim Kardashian here. TOO MUCH!!

CC: Haha. Funny you mention good ol’ Kim. OK. It is time to wrap this up. One last piece of advice for companies trying to engage with their audience.

E: Don’t have misspelling and grammatical errors. Nothing turns off an audience more than those who do not know the difference between their, they’re, and there.

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CC: Thank you, Engage. This has been truly, uh, how do I say…enlightening?

E: Again, Captain…bite me.

buffy the vampire slayer bite me

Well, folks, as you can see, Engage is just a fiery ball of “personality,” a real pain in the ass in my league of superheroes, but her superpower is definitely required in a content marketing campaign . If you can’t engage, then you might as well get off the stage. See what I did there? Wait…is that “bragging?” See? Engage totally messes with my mind!!

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