Captain Content Loses It

As a superhero, it’s imperative that I keep my act together. I tend to be on the receiving end of scrutiny simply because I’m in a leadership position–it’s sometimes exhausting, but that’s just the way it goes. Lately, something has been eating away at me. I’ve been tucking it deep down inside and letting it fester. Something so terribly troubling that I’m not sure how much longer I can keep it contained. So, before I go all HULK on the situation, I’ve got to get it off of my chest. It is time. To all of those who over-scrutinize me, I’m sorry, but this has to be said.

How it all began.

It started with an unsolicited email. I get millions of them, as I’m sure you do as well, but this one…this one stabbed at my core. This particular email cut through my superhero defenses within a minute. This was a sign of pure evil:

It read… “Dear Captain Content, I am Joe Davis. I write content so you can get the Google to like your websites. I wish partnership with you so that you don’t have to be writing the content for SEO no longer. I writes content starting at $4.00 US per the articles. Please partner with me today and send me the assignment.”

Joe, I’M FREAKING OUT OVER THIS. I’m over crap content. I’m over your spam, I’m over the pollution of the digital universe with nonsensical garbage content that’s only built to game a system. I’m over poorly worded spammy emails. I’m over the abuse of the English language. I’m over SHIT content.

Pure evil in an email.

Not only was half of the email poorly worded, it was the whole idea. The whole concept of simply churning out digital garbage to ONLY help with Google rankings. The whole idea of trying to game a system by spewing nonsense. The whole idea of even putting a word salad on a client’s website with the objective of only trying to appease a search engine.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

There are millions of folks out there just like Joe. Yes, Joe means well. He does. He, like the rest of us, needs to make a buck. Joe simply doesn’t know he’s part of a larger problem, an insidious problem that’s been plaguing the digital planet for quite some time. Writing nonsense in order to hyper-inflate search engine rankings is the beginning of the end. The nonsense is ignored by HUMANS and Superheroes alike. This digital nonsense is cluttering up the Internet and shielding us from reading the real, amazing, solid content that we, as users, are craving.

The struggle is real.

My mission is simply this. Create amazing content, all day long. Create content that gets shared. Create content designed and built for human consumption. Create blogs, infographics, videos, and gifographics that get people’s attention. Once we have the attention of our prospects, they do the work for us. They share our content. They love our content. They tell their friends about it. They engage with it. They are getting what they want. Would you rather have a piece of crappy, uninteresting, non-engaging, grammatically horrendous content show up as number one when you perform a Google search, or would you rather find something amazing, something brilliant, something that feeds your quest for knowledge? The struggle is real my friends, but have no fear, The Contentinators® are here to create that amazing ‘stuff’ that humans love and that Google pays attention to.

How you can help fight the good fight.

Don’t EVER settle for crappy content. Don’t ever let your website visitors be exposed to digital nonsense on your website or social media channels. Don’t ever let the lure of Google rankings get in your way of producing AMAZING stuff that your audience, prospects, and website visitors will love. Stay focused on why you’re on the Internet to begin with: to attract new prospects, to educate existing customers, to change lives, to be unique, to stand out, to get more appointments, to drive more sales. You aren’t (I HOPE) on the Internet to spew out nonsense that no one will ever read, that no one will ever share, and that no one will ever talk about. Fight the good fight by being dedicated to amazing. Create amazing everyday. Create amazing infographics that educate. Create videos that inspire and move people. Create blog content that is epic. When you create amazing, people will find you. When you create crap, people will hit the back button and go to your competitor. If you need help creating amazing content, you know who to call, but please, whatever you do, don’t call Joe.

Therapy session is over.

Thanks for hearing me out friends. I’m glad I got this off my chest, and I hope that this piece has helped you reframe how you view content. I don’t wish harm or anything negative upon good ole Joe, but I do hope that he sees the light and embraces creating great stuff as opposed to spewing out crap. I’m off to slam down a few Appletinis with some superhero friends. Rant over.

If you or someone you know needs epic content marketing for their digital presence, please call me. It’s never too late to start creating amazing. 866-471-4748.

Until next time,