Know Your Keywords

So, you’ve decided to embrace content marketing.  You’ve decided it’s time to get your business in the Google game.  You’ve decided that you’re going to be creating that editorial calendar and put your competition to shame.  Where do you start?
Before you even think about picking up that pen (or mouse) you need some intel.  You need to know the keywords that you’re prospects are speaking, NOT the keywords that you THINK that they are using.  This my friends, is mission critical to the success of any content marketing & SEO campaign.

So, how can you discover the proper keywords to target?

  1. Use existing intelligence.
  2. If you have access to your Google Analytics account, USE IT.  Dig deep into the keywords section and note what people are already using.  Start adding those into your blogs / content to increase your SEO.

  3. Use the tools.
  4. Google gives you one of the best free tools to discover what keywords are popular, which ones are not and even suggests keywords you’ve never thought of.

  5. ASK.
  6. Ask your clients in a mail chimp survey, ask them on the phone, ask them in person in your store. Ask them how they’d search and LISTEN.

Bonus Captain Tip: Keep your keyword quest down to 10 a quarter rather then trying to be all things to Google at once.
Captain Content
Once you know your keywords, the rest is easy, craft your content around those keywords and be persistent.


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