3 Ways To Measure Your Content Marketing Efforts.

How do you measure the success of a content marketing campaign?
You pay attention to the following 3 factors:

  1. Is your content being shared within your social media networks?
    If not, consider re-working your titles, or invite some high powered social media types to review your content and give their input.
  2. Are your individual content pages being visited?
    Google analytics is every marketers best friend. Pay close attention to your web traffic trends, especially on the content pages. Obviously, if your content is not gaining any traction or being ‘hit’ you need to take a look at your content distribution channels.
  3. Are people offering their two cents (commenting) on your blog posts?
    Content engagement makes Google happy. It should also make you happy. If you are receiving legitimate comments and / or questions on your content, be certain to engage the commenter. Build relationships and be certain to return the favor on their blog / web site.

Obviously, the end (bonus 4th) goal is your web site sales / and / or overall traffic. If you are seeking an increase in sales on your e-commerce store and you aren’t seeing it as a result of your content marketing efforts, you may need more compelling content and a broader distribution channel.

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