Frequent Content.

Look at your corporate blog. Look at the last post. When was the last time that you’ve composed a unique and relevant article on your web site? When’s the last time you shared that content across the Internet through your social media channels, etc.? If it was over 3 months ago, your web site needs some love.
Content feeds Google. Every minute, Google crawls and indexes fresh content. This fresh content takes precedent over stale content, or web sites that don’t contribute content frequently. If you’re having difficulty finding your own web site in Google, you need content. Start feeding Google content, it starts coming back to your web site. Start sharing that content across the Internet and Google sees how important your content is. Keep doing it and reap the rewards of more clients, more prospects, more credibility.

The Contentinators are here to help your web presence by creating FRESH, RELEVANT and INTERESTING content that will help pull prospects to your web site. UNLIKE most content companies, our content is written for your target audience by our team of superhero United States based content writers. Our content is written and optimized by SEO experts who GET SEO.

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