Cinco De Mayo, The Aftermath.

After kicking back quite a few Coronas with The Hulk, Green Lantern & some of my fellow Contentinators last evening, Monday crept in a bit too fast.

A few mental notes from my social engagement last evening:

  • The Incredible Hulk gets Incredibly TORQUED when you add lime to his Corona. #BustedUpFurniture, #AngerIssues
  • I still need to figure out just what the heck The Green Lantern brings to the Superhero table. #Random
  • Wonder Woman feels compelled to bring that stupid lasso to every social engagement. #Awkward.


Now, on to the important stuff. Today, I discovered just how sinister EVIL content can be. The Red Superhero Hotline Phone (866-471-4748) rang off the hook first thing this AM. Turns out a large, national brand was the victim of a terrible content outsourcing deal. The content that was ordered through their digital agency was atrocious. Typos, grammatical errors, NO meat and potatoes, no compelling or authentic calls to action, just pure EVIL nonsense. The league and I quickly sprang into action (except for Atomic who was nursing quite the hangover…. #Wus.) and devised a solid content / editorial calendar to get this brand back On Target.


We must stop Digital Content Pollution! Cutting corners on your content is NO BUENO. Beware of evil content and demand premium content to engage your digital audience.

Signing off after a long Monday, off to a doubles Bocce Ball tournament with Superman, Batman, Aquaman & Spiderman.

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