Does Content Marketing Freak Your Business Out?

I’ve flown all across the United States and met countless business folks who are excited to engage in a content marketing program. They know it’s all the rage, but one common fear I constantly hear is this: I don’t want to give away the farm. Many folks still have this fear of their competition obtaining all of their company secrets from simply reading their content. Those who provide services as a product are nervous nellies that their prospects will read their content / their how too articles and not need them anymore. For example, take an SEO guy who constantly educates people about SEO best practices via his content, are the recipients of that content going to go out and become SEO gurus themselves? If they are, those aren’t the clients you’re looking for anyway…. The clients you seek to attract are the ones who get it. The ones who want to understand what your products and services can do to solve their particular problems.
The beauty of the Internet is that it has put the consumer in the driver seat when it comes to products and services. Consumers have problems, they need solutions. Your rich and engaging content can provide that solution. Once they find your content, they are drawn to your brand for its expertise, which subsequently could result in an informed consumer buying your products and services.

Fear Not.
Obviously, don’t give away company trade secrets in your content, but be persistent in generating rich and relevant content that your consumers will simply love. The more you give, the more you position your brand as leaders and experts through that content, the more engaged your prospects will be.

I’ve Got No Time For That.
The other common complaint I hear from brands is this: I simply don’t have time to generate content. Relax. That’s what we’re here for. My team of Superhero content writers exist to help your content marketing campaign succeed. Our content is written by HAND PICKED industry experts and is SEO optimized and ready to rock. Whatever you do, don’t sub your content generation to Evil content creators. Going in cheap on this can damage not only SEO rankings, but your reputation.

Is This Working?
Many brands go all in with their content in the first month and expect to see instant results. Content marketing is an ongoing process and will take some time to get some market saturation. Consistency is the key here. Setup an editorial calendar for the whole fiscal year and create your content accordingly. It’s not always wise to just inundate your readers and Google with a ton of content all at once, so space it out based on that calendar.

Write On.
Once you start your content campaign, don’t stop. Stay consistent with your voice, stay consistent with your tone. Be certain to engage and reach out to your hungry audience.

It’s Not Rocket Surgery.
Content marketing is all about being real. Be yourself, be engaging, educate your prospects and create something amazing that is destined to be shared across the Internet.

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