The Curator.

Blue Caped SuperheroMeet The Curator.  He’s a no nonsense kind of guy dedicated to ensuring that the digital content generated for our valued clients is tight and right.  He’s passionate about sourcing relevant information to enlighten your audience, he loves long walks on the beach, he is amazing at ensuring that the content generated by the league of Superhero writers is written for your intended audience. The Curator lives to squash evil digital content and source premium content.
The Curator is also passionate about the good ole’ USA.  An intense patriot, he ensures that all of our content is sourced by USA based writers.  They are screened, screened again, take an oath, screened again and then put to the test.  If the content passes The Curator’s strict guidelines and receives his blessings, it is edited, optimized and shipped to our valued clients.

When it comes to content, accept NO substitutes. Your audience is that valuable, your brand is that important, your marketing campaign is that important.  Installing anything other than premium content on your website, blog, social media channels could hurt your brand, your SEO and your reputation.

If your digital content needs some help or if you’ve been the victim of evil, cheap, shoddy content, give one of The Contentinators a call today.  866-471-4748.

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