We Plan It.
We Create It.
We Promote It.
We Analyze It.
You Win.

As a smart marketer, you know how important content is today. Not just any content. Drab, dreary, spammy content just won’t cut it today. You need remarkable content, content that enlightens, content that invokes emotions, you need content that will pull people to your brand and create an emotional connection. Your busy. Your monitoring analytics, you’re working on paid search campaigns, you’re working on the website. You don’t have time or inspiration to write on a consistent basis. You need the content marketing experts from The Contentinators. With a team of literally hundreds of USA based content creators and our digital marketing geniuses, we create it, promote it, analyze it and do it over, and over, and over. You win.

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Here’s How It Works.

We get to know you and your brand. We discover what makes you tick, we get to know your target consumers, we get to know what’s important to them. After some stakeholder interviews we create your origin story. It outlines the WHY your brand exists and where you came from. Next, an editorial calendar is created to help feed your demographic with the right content at the right time. From there, it’s off to the races. We start fueling your brand up with rich, meaningful, US based SEO optimized content. Our digital marketing team finds the best places to place your content to reach the right audience and then we measure the effectiveness and adjust the content as needed.