Variety is indeed the spice of life, so it only makes sense that you mix up your content species online and give your prospects/website visitors something different every now and again.  Many marketers think that content has to take the shape of a blog or a white paper, but there are many other varieties of content manifestation that your brand should be considering.

10 Alternative Content Marketing Delivery Methods

  • Infographics.
    38% of B2B marketers today are now using infographics to deliver their content.  An infographic is a hybrid of imagery and content blended together to deliver your rich message.
  • In Person.
    This is something many folks don’t think about, but deliver your content in-person, whether speaking or via presentation. BE the content and stand apart as an expert.
  • Ebooks.
    Easy to create and easier to distribute, an ebook can be a tremendous, more stick delivery device for your content.
  • Webinars, Google Hangouts.
    Another rich method to deliver in-person expert content is through video webinars or a Google Hangout.  This interactive visual and audio content delivery system is being embraced more and more daily.
  • Case Studies.
    People love to read case studies.  Consider delivering your content through case studies from time to time. Let your prospects know how your product has changed someone’s life or business.
  • ENewsletters.
    While not my favorite as they tend to clog my email inbox, a well written enewsletter to a well targeted audience can be an effective device to distribute your content.
  • Video.
    One of my favorite delivery methods: Video is being created, shared and talked about at an alarming rate these days.  Create a video series of content or invite your brand ambassadors to share the good news about your brand via a video.
  • Micro Sites.
    Another effective and very targeted content marketing delivery device is a micro-site.  A micro-site is a very targeted, very ‘niched’ mini website that delivers content revolving ONLY around a predetermined product or service.  It’s hyper targeted and can be hyper effective.
  • Guest Posting.
    A very popular content delivery method is guest ‘blogging’. Essentially, you deliver rich content to a fellow, like minded website and they could reciprocate the favor. This method is a win-win for both parties & the website visitors: this method = Google Gold.
  • Digital Magazines.
    With many print magazines pulling the plug offline, there is a huge influx of digital magazine subscriptions, this equals a huge opportunity for your input and content.

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