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Establishing a Formula for Success

In many ways, content marketing is like Hamilton the Musical. It’s changing the status quo in a way that makes everything moving forward more exciting because a bar is being metaphorically raised. Content marketing is two words: content and marketing. Because content leads the phrase, I know that some people think content is the essential focus of content marketing, and while it’s absolutely necessary, it’s cannot stand alone. Marketing, my friends, is what makes the tables really turn. Let’s explore the formula for success for content marketing.

You Cannot Have Content Without the Marketing

As I was saying, you cannot just do the content part of content marketing and expect results. But, before you can even start marketing your content, you need to establish an objective that you want to accomplish and a strategy in which to reach that objective. What are you really trying to accomplish? Is it more leads? Is it more engagement? Is it brand awareness? Is it more impressions? Answering that question will help you develop a strategy moving forward. Ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What do they look for online pertaining to your business?
  • Where do they look for those things online?
  • What type of language will they respond to?
  • How can you present your content to your audience in order to accomplish your objective?

Without understanding the digital landscape, this may be a place you’d like to start talking with a content marketing agency. They will help you realize your core objectives as a brand and develop a strategy to get you there.

It’s Execution Time

While developing ideas, strategies and your core objectives are high-level tasks that everyone loves to take part in, it’s the execution that really matters. Who will develop the content? Who will implement the content? What type of quality control standards are in place to ensure you’re not putting something out there that’s off-brand or grammatically incorrect? Who will distribute the content? When will you distribute the content? There are several more questions you can pose when it comes to execution, so here are some tips to help you get on the right foot from the start.

  • Have a brand standards and style guide developed. Make sure that third parties and employees fully understand how you want to represent your brand within content and marketing pieces.
  • Hire a content marketing agency. I can never say this enough. While you may think that your team is amazing at writing content and posting on social media, there is so much more to a content marketing campaign, and you don’t want to allow oversight, lack of time and resources, or lack of expertise cause this campaign to fail.
  • Make sure there’s a quality control process included. If you do decide to hire a third party, you will still need to ensure you have someone internally on your team that will meet the standards that your brand has set forth.
  • Have realistic expectations. Content marketing does take time. It does take a consistent amount of attention for a period of time in order to be seen as an authority by your audience. You cannot just jump in the deep end and beat Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps has been dedicated to his training for years upon years.

Measure & Analyze

Analytics come in all shapes and sizes. There’s Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics, and so on. Analytics is absolutely essential to ensuring that what you’re doing, works! You may have to tweak your campaign, capitalize on a specific platform, find additional platforms, develop new types of content, or stop one of your strategies altogether, but you aren’t able to make any of those decisions without data. Data analysis helps you understand the ins and outs of each analytical platform. If not, a content marketing agency will typically provide reports that address your specific objectives, what services were carried out that month, and what recommendations they have to help reach those objectives if they weren’t met.

Content marketing isn’t an a la carte service. You can’t pick and choose what you want to do and expect to see the same results as a brand who is executing a comprehensive content marketing campaign. What made Hamilton so successful was the fact that a little-known story was told and it unfolded in all of these wonderful parts through all of these wonderful people, and it’s taken the world by storm. Find out how you can be the Hamilton of your industry by contacting The Contentinators® Content Marketing Agency.