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Content Marketing Is More Than Just Words on a Page

Content marketing is a new buzzword being used in the digital marketing industry. What is content marketing exactly? Well, it’s really just defining and strategizing with how people behave online now. It’s generating content and then finding a way to get that content in front of your audience. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, even if you understand your core message, your unique value proposition and your audience, you may still struggle with the types of content you need to produce. Recently, HubSpot put out a list of 44 different content formats. FORTY-FOUR! Bet you didn’t know there were that many that you can distribute, did you? Let’s go ahead and look at some of those content formats that can help you generate more dynamic content for your audience, shall we?


Youtube Logo

Videos seem obvious, right? Well, the truth of the matter is that businesses and organizations are not taking advantage of how truly universal and engaging videos have become. YouTube is the second largest search engine for consumers, next to Google, processing more than three billion searches per month. YouTube, which is just one video search engine, has about one billion unique monthly visitors with nearly one out of every two Internet users actively using YouTube. Businesses use YouTube for a platform of a variety of different messages and formats including:

  • Instruction and How-To Videos
  • Sales Videos
  • Announcement Videos
  • E-Card Videos (for Holidays)
  • Product/Service Description Videos
  • And more.


Now that consumers are able to easily stream podcasts at work, in their car, on their phones and at home, they are able to consume this growing content format almost anywhere, which allows for more overall subscribers and a larger audience. In fact, nearly one in three Americans have listened to a podcast, and Apple has just surpassed one billion subscriptions to podcasts via iTunes. If you’re trying to reach the millennial generation, you will certainly have a better chance reaching them over a podcast than a traditional radio advertisement.

ProTip: When creating a Podcast, make sure to keep your episodes consistent around a general theme. The more niche your theme, the more loyal your listeners will be because of unique quality of the content that you’re producing.



Infographics are a more visual form of content that allows users to intake information in a more “snackable” way. With over 65 percent of people being visual learners and 90 percent of the information being processed by the brain being visual, infographics are a sure-fire way to stand out and reach your audience. In fact, graphics are the most popular type of content to share on social media, accounting for around 43 percent of all shares. Infographics merely allow you to get your graphic shared while branding it and including tons of useful information for your intended audience.

If you want to review HubSpot’s list of content formats. If you’re a business that wants to generate all these different types of content for your users or potential customers, but you just don’t have the time to do it, The Contentinators® can help. With our team of over 200+, USA-based blog writers, we can help generate the content so you can get it out to your audience.