Content Marketing Killed SEO

The Traditional SEO Star

I walked into the Superhero lair the other day and caught Captain Content dancing his heart out to Video Killed the Radio Star. Most people don’t know this, but Captain Content is stuck in the 80s! It’s hard to tell since he wears his tights and cape around town, but deep down, he can’t wait to get home to his MC Hammer pants and sit with his appletini while listening to some Bon Jovi! We don’t judge him; quite the opposite actually. These blasts from the past allow us to talk about how much has changed in the world; technology, business and even content marketing.

Just 10 short years ago SEO was simple. I know that might be hard to hear, but it’s true. If you were in the industry 10 years ago, like myself, you would know that submitting your site to a couple of directories, writing an article here and there, and doing on-page SEO was enough earn your site decent rankings in the search engines. People started to catch on with the simplicity of how quickly you could get a site to rank; they even found ways around these strategies. But Google got smarter and started to challenge Search Engine Optimizer’s like ourselves. They started to tell us that on-page SEO isn’t enough, and that we really need to start being an SEO rockstar. Thus the death of the traditional SEO star.

Some people thought SEO started to die. SEOMoz changed their name to Moz (people freaked out). Rumors were going around that SEO was DEAD. But, if you paid very close attention, none of this was true. SEO was and is NOT dead. In fact, SEO is very much so alive and marketers can be rockstars in it. What happened here was a shift in the quality of SEO. Google told people that if you want your site to rank well, it needed to have quality content. That you need to put an effort in showing how relevant your site is to the keywords and placement that you are going after; and so the Content Marketer was born. Marketing your website through the use of on-site blog content, videos, social media posts, dedicated how-to documents and a great user experience will make your site more relevant and engaging to your target consumer. We still need to pay very close attention to the technical components of search engine optimization, but it is vital that you have a good blogging strategy for your website.

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