Creating a Legion of Supporters Through Content Marketing

I have no doubt that every superhero occasionally wishes he or she had the duplicating powers of Dr. Manhattan. I often think about how much more I could get done if I could simply replicate myself: more brains to come up with amazing content ideas, more eyes to monitor all social media channels, more hands to feed myself appletinis…er, type up engaging blogs and social posts. It would be awesome! Still, in my years as a content superhero, I’ve found that there are ways to get around the whole radiation-lab-experiment-gone-wrong method to produce superhuman powers. When it comes down to it, content marketing helps you produce your very own legion of helpers and supporters.

Think about it: every step of the content marketing process gives your audience members value and joy. From that initial spark of attraction to your first closed deal, you’re providing the masses with targeted, engaging, informative content that keeps them coming back for more. As content marketers, you have a unique opportunity on your hands, because the goal is to have your audience do the work for you. By keeping your audience happy and excited, you’re ultimately creating an army of promoters.

To harness the power of your brand’s army, take into account a few of the following insights (and you don’t have to lock yourself in a gamma radiation chamber to achieve them):

  • Content marketing and inbound marketing strategies will give you a greater return on investment. Studies have shown that the cost per lead for inbound techniques is significantly lower than outbound techniques. Keep in mind that content marketing will take more dedicated time than traditional methods, but the payoff is worth it.

  • Part of the success of content marketing stems from the fact that you’re creating an organic relationship with your audience. Be interesting, and be helpful, and you’ll find that your customers’ loyalty is stronger than ever before.

  • Another advantage of content marketing is that it’s everywhere–literally. Does your customer want to find reviews about your company? They can look to your social pages. Need more info about your industry? Your blogs can help fill them in. Having a real presence across a number of areas is an absolute must for success.

  • Finally, content marketers have helped turn “marketing” into a positive word. No longer are we the nuisances who call and interrupt Sunday dinner to talk about the latest cable services. We’re friendly, we’re fun, and our customers love us. Be sure to maintain courtesy and you’ll be gathering a following in no time.

Sure, content marketing isn’t quite as flashy as Dr. Manhattan’s replication techniques–it takes patience, time, and dedication–but the results are well worth it. Treat your customers like an integral part of your company and they’ll spread your message for you.

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