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Content Marketing One Goal at a Channel

Greetings fellow content connoisseurs!  In my never-ending quest to put the kibosh on the crap-ola that some folks call content across all social media lands, I have developed what should be considered by all as the ultimate solution to the successful execution of Content Marketing. (If I do say so myself; and of course I do.) Your website is solid, you are utilizing all the great content management skills you have amassed in your arsenal; you’re uploading new, fresh and relevant content regularly. The next logical step is to make a quantum leap and expand your accessibility via other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, etc.  Some call these “Channels” but I prefer to call them “Tendrils.” You’ll see why before we’re done. These tendrils of social media are at your disposal to help drive readers to your business. All you need is a sound battle campaign.

To be successful you can’t run blindly into the fray.  Set objectives and attainable goals before striking out. The strategy is as important here as it was to Batman in defeating The Joker. Each “Tendril” should have an exclusive angle that you use to approach your readers.  (For example, you might want to use Facebook as an interactive tool; but use Twitter to send folks to your home page or blog.) Choose as many goals as you wish for each; identify your target audience for each tendril and always include the following: a way to engage your readers, build community, generate leads, inform and educate, and have them wanting more from you so you can steer the traffic to another of your tendrils or to your homepage.

Many folks are visual learners so I suggest that you create a super-easy chart that allows you to insert the content type, tendril names, goals, timelines and task assignments to the rest of your team.  Once you have a generalized strategy plotted then you can dissect it to tweak how you will utilize each tendril to its fullest capacity. Remember to focus on the type of content you will publish for each tendril.

When you are pleased with your strategy you can begin to methodically intertwine the tendrils. Ultimately they will form a strong rope that will carry all visitors to your exclusive brand!

Our superior league of content marketing superheroes is standing-by at the ready to assist you in your efforts. We can develop your battle plan, braid those tendrils and guide you through to the launch of what is certain be a successful content marketing campaign that will endure the test of time.

Write on,

Captain Content

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