Content Marketing Predictions

A new year will shortly be upon us, and many marketing managers and product managers should be making resolutions to embrace a content marketing strategy in 2016, especially if they haven’t already. But even if you’ve already launched a successful content marketing campaign this year, it’s imperative that you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to content marketing trends. That’s why Captain Content is delivering the best Christmas gift of all: content marketing predictions for 2016. So, let’s go check out his crystal ball to see what type of strategies will be hot next year in the content marketing space.

Branded Content Curation

Digital content is growing exponentially every single day. Brands are finding it hard to come up with original ideas to serve their audience, which will make content curation so valuable in 2016. Larger brands will start curating content generated by creators outside of their brand to best serve their audience, while still delivering original content with amazing storytelling. The real challenge is for brands to ensure there are quality controls in place when sharing content through their own platforms so that they preserve the integrity necessary to maintain brand loyalty.

Interactive Visual Content

Interactive visual content will be explored even more in the next year. This year, we’ve experienced the launch of live streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat, and even Facebook has jumped on this bandwagon, allowing established pages with large fan bases to live stream content to their followers.

Video content will also see growth, even though it has experienced growth year over year for the past five years. Cisco predicts that video content will account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2017.

Virtual reality has also come on to the scene, with the New York Times partnering with Google VR to create interactive virtual reality stories that immerse the audience in the story by way of a smartphone and Google Cardboard. Brands will embrace this type of content generation, and start to create more types of content that live in the VR space.

Native Advertising

Native advertising will only see more growth in 2016. You’ll see native advertising being adopted across new and more diverse channels due to content creators trying to find more ways to monetize content without turning off their users. Native ads are designed to blend in with the content of the host site so it still is appealing to the reader. Facebook news feed ads, BuzzFeed branded posts, and Linkedin sponsored posts are examples of current popular native advertising platforms.

Also, with ad blocking starting to become more and more prevalent on smartphones, native advertising will replace the more traditional digital advertising methods. In 2016, you’ll start to see more social and content platforms adopting native advertising to serve their users and their advertisers.

Relationship Marketing

Humans have and will always drive consumers to make purchasing decisions. A brand is not a human. A brand cannot have a relationship with a consumer. It’s going to become increasingly important for brands to humanize their content so they can continue to make emotional connections with their audience. Content marketing is largely driven by engagement, so brands will need to focus on eliciting emotions from their audience, enough to engage and join the conversation.

A large focus for many brands is always brand loyalty. Brands will have to find new and innovative ways to establish and maintain brand loyalty in a generation with an extremely short attention span and little to no trust of brand intentions in regards to marketing. It’s certainly a challenge, but by putting consumers first, we will start to see some brands emerge as thought leaders in relationship marketing.

Don’t forget that content marketing is more than just writing blogs. As a marketer, you’re going to need to stay ahead of the curve before it passes you by. If you need help getting your brand to stand out, call Captain Content on his secret superhero phone at 866-471-4748, and we can help get you on the right track.