Strategy FAIL.

I was loitering in the office lobby waiting for the slower than slow elevator to make it’s happy way back to the ground floor when I overheard a curious conversion.  A lady and gentleman were discussing their SEO initiatives and were apparently disappointed with their search results so the gentlemen says, “Throw a few press releases out to Google and see what sticks.” His companion said: “Do we have anything newsworthy to share?” He comes back, “no, just throw something out there, Google loves press releases.”

Google Loves Press Releases, True Of False?

Yes True And Yes False.

The gentleman above was partially correct. Yes, Google loves content. So, a well written, newsworthy press release that would get shared by various news sources BECAUSE it’s newsworthy would be dreamy content to Google. If it’s original, relevant, important, well written, then Yes.

If it’s a pile of junky words thrown together in order to trick Google into thinking it’s something important BECAUSE it’s a “Press Release” then No, Google doesn’t want it. The days of throwing out junk to see what sticks are gone. Google has stated it a million times over, if you want to succeed in the search engine results, generate rich content for your intended web site viewers.

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