Don’t Keyword Stuff Your Content.

If your SEO company is generating content for your web site, it’s important to make certain YOU read through that content. Some SEO companies sub their content creation overseas which can result in ‘stuffed’ content. Stuffed content refers to content that is crammed full of keywords designed to assist with SEO placement.

Google and other search engines are paying very close attention to the quality of the content that your web site is churning out in an effort to keep their search engines clean and relevant.

Here are a few tips to help keep your content both SEO friendly and people friendly:

Research Your Keywords.

Prior to churning out some brilliant content, it’s imperative that you do some keyword research to know just what your audience is searching for.


This is critical. Focus your content on 2 or 3 keywords, not 30. The key to effective SEO is focus, the more keywords that you throw in there, the more mixed signals you are sending to Google about what that content is truly about.


I strongly encourage you to create an editorial calendar for your content marketing program. Make a schedule based on quarterly sales / client needs and craft content around that calendar that will PULL your prospects to you via the search engines.

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