A great way to get some high quality premium content for your content marketing program is through interviews.  Seek out your favorite blogger, author or influencer and interview them, preferably on video.

Fresh & Relevant Content.

Every interview will be different, fresh and relevant. Unique content is not only great for search engines, but your website visitors will want more and more.

Guilt By Association.

Interviews are also a great way to build credibility in your space as there is an implied relationship with your interviewee which builds confidence in your consumers / website visitors.


There are PLENTY of folks out there just dying to be interviewed. Create a weekly or monthly interview schedule where your website visitors know that they can rely on your content on a regular basis.

Relationship Builders.

By interviewing folks in your space you will start to build stronger relationships with them.  They can help spread the good word about your website / blog  / social media channels.

The key here is unique, relevant and engaging content.  The Interview can be all three of these resulting in some solid sharable content.


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