Content IS King

So you’re kicking back and sipping on…well let’s say an appletini (my drink of choice.) The launch of your website was hot. It has the exact bada$$ look you wanted. Your site is loaded with amazing information about your business and the products and/or services you offer to humanity. It’s racking up the hits. Your bank account is flush. You are invincible!

Or are you?

Flash (no not my friend Barry Allen) forward a week or two, and you’re noticing that the visits to your site have diminished and revenue from the website is slacking. Like my man Superman facing a chunk of Kryptonite, a feeling of weakness and dare I say, helplessness, is slowly creeping into your psyche. Was it really worth the investment of time and money?

Absolutely! But, your website requires more than a “just-launch-and-see” strategy to maintain its success and deliver customers to your door.

The unique web power you seek Grasshopper will come from harnessing the power of your super-charged content! Frequently updated, relevant, fresh and fun content will enlarge (I’m talking HUGE!) your reader base and increase search engine optimization (SEO). Now I’m not talking about a simple tweaking like Professor Subtle might suggest. I’m saying get your ass in gear and boldly start adding new information about your business like a related blog about the industry. What’s new in your product or service line? By building up a stash of industry-related blogs your exposure will explode!

The objective is to invite and engage your readers by giving them the scoop that will help them make educated decisions. Give your readers a chance to provide feedback and reviews. Allow your posts to be shareable. Respond and interact often. Oh, and in today’s tech-savvy world, uncloaking in this manner provides access to your website across a plethora of platforms and devices. The world is literally a click away.

Take it from Captain Content, this strategy is exceedingly cost-effective and the returns will be mind-blowing!

Don’t neglect the importance of the perfect branding and marketing strategy. Each requires research and an eagerness to receive and share information about your industry in general. Content marketing provides free advertising opportunities, which upshots lead generation and sales. If you aren’t sure how to keep your content fresh and exciting, need help with your branding and marketing strategy or don’t have the time or skill-set to keep it cutting edge, remember that Captain Content, and my crack team of Superhero content marketers, are here to help. Call us at 866-471-4748.

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