The REAL Digital Currency

Move over Bitcoins.  There’s a new digital currency that really isn’t all that new and can help build tremendous value for your brand.  You see, back in the day when you would fire up that squeeky AOL connection or even dial into CompuServe, (yes, I realize I’m dating myself terribly…) you were expecting one thing… Content.  AOL had portal content consisting of news, stock alerts, celebrity dirt and even content you didn’t want, like banner ads, etc.. The point here is, content is what makes the digital world go round.  It’s making or breaking online brands, it’s either being shared or completely ignored, it’s being loved by the targeted few or hated and pushed off by the masses AND Google.
If your content is worth any salt, it becomes gold.  People share it. People comment on it. People download it their computer and use your witty infographic as a wallpaper.  People share your video content with friends because it made them laugh.  This is introducing them to your world and pulling them into your brand. This IS Gold.

How can you make certain that your content is Gold?

  • Keep It Relevant.
    No one wants to hear about your experiences that happened 20 years ago.  What’s hot, what’s happening, how can you write about it?
  • Write For Your Demographic.
    Do you REALLY know your audience or do you have a hunch that you know them? Spend the time researching your target demographic, ask them what they want, ask them how they search.
  • Don’t Force It.
    Be yourself, use personality, let your passion come out in your writing. Don’t force out ‘stuff’ just for the sake of creating ‘stuff.’
  • Make It Easy To Share & Find.
    Use the social media tools that are out there to make your content easily shared.  Don’t make people jump through hoops to share your works of content brilliance.
  • The Right Message @ The Right Place @ The Right Time.
    You know your business, you know when people want what you sell, you know where people go to find it.  Spend the time to plan the whole year out with your content and social media. Draw yourself a roadmap to deliver content at the right time, place and on message.
  • Don’t Automate It. EVER.
    I flew out to Ohio to see a prospect, they were being sold an automated SEO Content machine that would go out to the web, yank content and magically post it on their website for SEO purposes.  This is not Gold.  If content isn’t amazing, unique, relevant and written for your target audience, why would Google want to share it with people? It’s important to remember this: we are marketing to our consumers, NOT to search engines.  Search engines simply share the love of amazing content by indexing it well in their results pages.

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