Crimes Against Content

It’s a quiet, early morning.  You’re perched at your desktop computer looking for digital answers to your real world problems.  You open that clean and simple search engine, pop in query in that longing white text box, click the search button and BLAM! KAPOW! BAM! Evil Content.  Evil content rears its ugly head when we least expect it. It’s typically generated (sometimes unknowingly) by desperate brands trying to get a leg up in the search engines.  They have heard how much Google wants content, so they have their agency or SEO firm order up some ‘content’ to improve their rankings.  You, the unsuspecting consumer are forced to read through this nonsense, typically concocted overseas by some folks who have never spoken a word of English, to anyone. This mumbled up, nonsensical content can actually push you away from the brand in question.
Enter The Contentinators.

The league of superhero content writers, myself, The Curator, Engage, & Sleuth are passionate about creating amazing content. We create content for people.  We love people (most of the time) and we believe in the basic digital right to read amazing content that is easily indexed in the search engines.   We don’t create content to game the search engines, but rather, to offer the search engines something amazing for their users.  Amazing content can take on a few shapes and forms, but at the end of the day, The Contentinators celebrate the dignity of the digital world and yearn to protect its integrity.

If you suspect crimes against your brands content, we need to talk.  The superhero content writers at The Contentinators will spring into action, devise a solid editorial calendar for your brand and create amazing, rich, compelling, shareable content for YOUR audience on a monthly, regular basis.  This content is content you can hang your hat on, be proud of, not be ashamed of.

To learn more about how your brand can help stop the onslaught of evil, digital content, call us. 866-471-4748 or visit our website, Together, we can stop the spread of evil online.

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