Content Marketing Sins

By now, we are sure you have heard that content marketing is the way to go if you would like Google to deem you worthy of a top-notch search result. With so many people jumping on the content marketing bandwagon, there are bound to be some mistakes. So, ask yourself: are you guilty of any of these five content marketing sins?

  • Going Keyword Crazy: Yes, you need to place keywords within the text, but do you want to lose favoritism with your audience? Don’t force those keywords down their throat. The first rule of content marketing is you never talk about content marketing….oh wait. That is something else. The first rule is to give your readers interesting information, NOT to bloat that blog with keyword overload. Your audience isn’t stupid, and they know when you are writing something just to appease the search engines. Your keyword placement should flow naturally, like the St. Johns flows north.
  • Just Say NO to Clickbait: It has happened to us all. Our eyes happen to catch a snazzy title, and then BAM- that interesting article about preventing burns when using a toaster oven turns out to be an ad for a particular brand of toaster oven. What happened with the tips that could save your precious skin from third-degree burns? Your title and description should clearly describe what your article is about, and your content better back up the title and description.
  • You are Just Boring: It sounds harsh, I know, but take a step back and reread that content once you are done. Does it put you to sleep, perhaps your head fell back a couple of times in boredom? Be honest with yourself, and call out crap when you see it. Just because you produced content does NOT make it worthy of being shared. We all make mistakes, but your content needs to be more entertaining than watching paint dry.
  • Mistake-Laden Content: If you have typos and grammatical mistakes, your audience will notice, and it will negatively affect what they think about you. If proper English isn’t your strong suit, find a proofreader who has your back.
  • All You Do is Sell: Quit. Selling. Quit. Selling. Quit. Selling. Is that strong enough for you? If this sounds like you, just stop! To those who think that content is just about selling products and services, you are ruining it for the rest of us who want to give their readers great content. The legit content marketers of the world beg you to STOP. Use your content to SUPPORT your products and/or services. If you create sexy orange and white plaid button-up shirts, then make your content about what color pants would go best with your most popular shirt. Of course, create a strong call-to-action at the end of the blog, AND give them a little push on what to do next.

Everyone and their grandmother think that they can create content, and while that may be true, good content takes effort, writing prowess, and the know-how to execute all the pieces properly. Guess what? The Contentinators®, an epic content marketing agency can do that for you. Let us help make your life easier. Give us a call at 866-471-4748, or contact us online.