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I had the opportunity to meet J’onn J’onzz, more commonly known as Martian Manhunter, this weekend at the annual Superheroes convention in [LOCATION UNDISCLOSED]. Beyond his towering height and appletini-green skin, this guy (alien? Martian? pardon my ignorance of intergalactic political correctness) is a striking and somewhat intimidating presence with a list of powers as long as I am tall. Unfortunately, he had to decline my offer to join the Contentinators since he had other duties to the Justice League, and I’m not quite ready to join forces with Superman, so we parted ways after the convention. Good thing he was happy to let me add him to my list of important contacts.
“Wait, back up,” you say (or so I imagine), “you invited Martian Manhunter to join the Contentinators? How can heat generation, superhuman strength, and atomic vision help digital damsels in distress?” Well, my friend, you’re forgetting one of his most powerful powers–and my personal favorite–his telepathy. Time and time again, J’onzz has proven the importance of communication, acting as a sort of communications hub for the Justice League and sending out global messages that everyone can understand.

Having a telepath on a digital marketing team may be highly unlikely, unless you’re a superhero. However, in my meeting with Martian Manhunter, I got some insight as to how exactly he communicates clearly and effectively for all to understand. You can probably use some of his techniques in your own writing! Check out some of his tools:

  • Complexity Filter: Martian Manhunter has a special filter that allows him to weed out unnecessary words, and transform the hyper-specific ones into the common language. Stay away from the jargon in your deep content to help your readers better understand your message.

  • Condenser: As the old adage goes, “less is more.” While Manhunter doesn’t transmit the equivalent of a one-word text through his telepathic messages, he reduces the bulk of the content to keep the focus on the core message.

  • Visualization Node: Manhunter’s brain is equipped with a special visualization node that allows the recipients of his messages to see his message through pictures as well as words. Keep your own content visual with metaphors and other devices.

  • Tonal Gauge: If Manhunter’s messages were sent out in super-stiff soundbites, his recipients wouldn’t be as ready to tune in. Likewise, if his tone were too conversational (“Like, hey man, Earth’s gonna blow up or whatever”), it would be disregarded as a joke or fluke. Engage your readers with a conversational tone, but maintain your position as an expert in your field.

  • Intergalactic Database: Manhunter has access to a constantly-updated database of every single fact in the galaxy (literally), allowing him to ensure his messages are accurate and timely. Always double-check your facts before posting.

While I highly doubt your brain is as advanced as Martian Manhunter’s (no offense), I definitely believe you have the ability to take these tools and utilize them within your content marketing efforts. So, now that I’ve met one of my idols, what’s my next project? Trying to get Martian Manhunter to submit a clear, concise, accurate message to Superman that Wonder Woman is MY lady.

Write on, @CaptContent.

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