We need quality schools to educate students and give them opportunities to live up to their full potential. Private schools, though, struggle to live up to their full potential without a community of students who are thoroughly engaged with their school’s classes and activities. Each student may be itching for the weekend, but their communication with their school doesn’t end when it leaves the classroom. Our content marketing agency understands how an epic education content marketing strategy can pull in new students and keep them engaged, and we’re here to help you produce education content that will help your students succeed.


Previously, a school’s primary way to market to their future students was through their website. These websites all blur together after the second school. Everyone gets the point: you have a picture of happy students who are so excited to do homework tonight, and you have a mission statement that says you can help them succeed. But what makes you different from all the other schools with pictures of smiling faces on their website? What is going to make your school’s culture seem appealing to students and parents? Private schools especially have struggled to create the online presence they need to pull in prospective students. That’s where a content marketing agency can help.

Prospective new parents and students need to be able to easily access information about the school, but poor website navigation and a lack of a call can send them searching elsewhere. Couple that with every school looking alike, and you have a recipe that doesn’t help enrollment rates. Education content, however, can be a step forward in pulling in students by presenting a picture of the school in an easily digestible format. Through blogs and social media, you can target the student body who is most interested in what you have to offer. Do you have a fantastic sports program? Share news about games on Facebook. Is amazing talent coming out of your art program? Let those potential new students see what they have the opportunity to produce. Get your students excited about what you can offer them and that can be the contributing factor that makes them consider attending.


Properly addressing your target audience is important for education content. Both parents and students research a school, but they’re looking for different messages. Parents expect professional information about the school’s quality, value, and safety—especially if they’re paying money for their child’s education. Students want to skip over the boring stuff and go straight to what’s important for them: what exciting opportunities and extracurricular activities are here? Are they going to enjoy their time and make great friends, or are they going to spend their Mondays wishing for Friday? There’s one common link between these two demographics, however: both can be targeted through social media. Many private schools have yet to fully utilize social media, and having this online presence can set you apart from those who don’t.

Social media gives schools the opportunity to connect with students and their parents outside of the classroom. Give easily understandable information about schedules, events, and ways to get in touch with admissions. Share news about programs and classes, and attach photos that show off how amazing the campus culture is. Showcase your students’ accomplishments, and share their opinions about their school life to give your content authenticity. Students who see genuine education content will share it, furthering their engagement while also getting the word out about what your school offers.


Parents want to send their children to the best possible school for their future, and it’s hard to know if they’re making the right decision when schools seem like clones of each other. Education content proudly displays your school’s unique colors to prospective and current students. By showcasing what you offer and what your students are doing, you create an authentic picture of your school that can draw in new students. It also gives you opportunities to reach out to your current students and engage with them outside of the classroom. Let your students shine through your content, and they’ll be more motivated to continue the great work.


Your school has something great to offer your students, and they deserve the best. However, those students need your time and energy to guide them on the path to success. That’s why our content marketing agency is here to create an epic education content marketing strategy that pulls in new students and motivates the current ones to do their best. Fill out the form below. Let us take care of the content so you can take care of the students.

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These kids complaining about algebra are our future, so let’s band together to make sure that they’re getting the best education possible. Content may not tell them how to “find x,” but it can still remind them that they need to stop reading blogs on their phone and get to that homework before 2 a.m.