Episode 1: The Genesis

Strolling down a busy avenue in downtown Orlando, our hero takes a detour to avoid stepping on a pile of gum, melted ice cream, and, oddly enough, hair. Little did he know that this detour would change his life. This little detour will ultimately change the course of marketing history. As he rounded the corner, he heard evil. Pure evil. There were two voices. A sinister, menacing, gruff voice and a rascally, weasel-like sounding voice. They spoke of terrible things. They plotted. They were about to launch a plan to ruin the web as we know it. They spoke of building an evil agency, an agency built upon deceit, an agency built on empty promises. It was that day that the Deceptor Marketing Agency was created. An agency that will be so despised by so many; an agency that will ruin so many companies seeking marketing expertise and new clients.


That very day, our Captain Content faced evil. That very day sparked something deep within him, something life-changing. Our hero immediately rushed down to the local spandex/fabric store and created his legendary, epic costume. Everything had to be just right. His hair. His cape. His outer underwear, the gloves, the shoes, the colors. This was huge. That HAD to happen. This was his destiny.

This disturbance pushed our hero beyond his human limits. His creativity surged. He dug deep within, and The Contentinators® was born. An agency like none other. An agency that lives and breathes to create amazing content. Content that resonates with target audiences. Content that inspires, moves, educates, and entertains. Content that lives to defeat the evil clutches of Dr. Deceptor. Content that builds up the digital planet and makes it whole and worth surfing. Our hero jumped into action and assembled his league. He never settled. He hand picked the best of the best.

Doctor Deceptor

Doctor Deceptor, Deceptor Marketing

Days followed and the Deceptors’ power started to grow. Companies, eager to thrive on the Internet, were sold a bag of garbage from the slick-talking Dr. Deceptor. SEO promises were thrown out, guarantees of instant, online success were spewed out like candy. The Deceptors were growing. Evil content began filling computer monitors, laptops, smartphones, and tablets alike. Mumble jumble. Garbage. A slew of constant nonsense started to permeate the web. It was everywhere. This needs to be stopped.

Captain Content

Captain Content Of The Contentinators®

The Contentinators® assembled. They flew around the United States with purpose, on a mission. They were bound and determined to find the best of the best of the best in the content creation world. No longer will the world suffer from the evil, horrid clutches of the Deceptors. It was shaping up to be the battle of all battles. The Epic battle of good VS. Evil had begun.


Engage, The Curator And Sleuth From The Contentinators®

The Epic Battle continues. To learn more about The Contentinators® and how we can tell your story through rich, vibrant Content Marketing, call 866-471-4748 or click the shiny box below. Stay tuned for next weeks episode…