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The Contentinators®, protectors of content marketing everywhere, approached the gloomy façade of the downtrodden John Doe Corporation and immediately did not like what they saw. An unlit sign, piles of garbage partially blocking the entranceway, an outward bound Internet cable flailing unconnected in the wind. Terrible things.

“If this is what the physical public face of the company is, imagine the online presence,” Sleuth said. He seemed to shudder at the thought.

“I just hope we’re not too late,” The Curator said.

“There’s always hope when the job is in the hands of a good content marketing agency,” Engage muttered.

Orange Superhero

They kicked open the door to find an office filled with stacks of random papers, a single fan spinning with one blade, and a television beaming only white noise. Every computer screen had an eerily silent image of a skull and crossbones. The place looked deserted.

But from behind one of the giant irrelevant towers of printer paper came a cough. The Contentinators® rushed over and uncovered a lone man wearing a sideways tie, his glasses askew, and a cup of coffee cold as a Wyoming winter still gripped in his hand. He looked stunned, as if he’d been programmed incorrectly, and upon seeing our heroes, he instinctively shot a hand out with a business card in it. Everything on it was misspelled, and the print so faded that it was difficult to read anyway.

“Deceptor Marketing said we didn’t need a blog. That online engagement is overrated. They said a monthly paper newsletter was fine, and stamps are cheaper than people think,” this man mumbled, unprovoked.

The Curator bit his fist, suppressing a scream.

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“69% of marketers are looking to increase their blogging presence this year,” Sleuth said, calmly. “And 45% say it’s their most important content-related strategy. Care to know why?”

The lone surviving employee of John Doe Co. nodded simply.

“Because it is!” The Curator yelled, his nerves frayed at the sight of this business disaster before him. Engage put a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“We can fix this, though,” she said. “It’s not too late.”

“Let’s get to work.”

And so The Contentinators sprang into action. Social networks were set up for all platforms, content uploaded, and SEO optimization pushed to its limits. Blog posts for John Doe Corporation began to spread happily throughout the Internet, flocks of metrics and analytics began to suddenly meet stated goals. E-mails and phone calls flooded in as the night wore on, orders and questions connecting to those online pieces of outreach. As the sun rose on the next day, employees slowly began wandering back in the front door, as if returning to the scene of a terrific natural disaster.

By mid-morning, with the help of a super professional content marketing agency, John Doe Corporation was starting to look like a fully-functioning 21st-century business. The ship was beginning to be turned around.

“I can’t thank you enough, Contentinators. Is there anything we can do to help stop Deceptor Marketing?” the transformed employee asked as our heroes headed for the door, exhausted, but satisfied.

“Just spread the word. Remind people that 82% of businesses with blogging capture a positive ROI for inbound marketing,” Engage said.

Visits To Site On Blogging Days VS. Non-Blogging Day

John Doe Corporation After Working With The Contentinators®

“And if you see Deceptor Marketing,” The Curator couldn’t help but add, “tell them The Contentinators are coming.”

And with that, our heroes departed.

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Want to reach a whole new digital audience? We convert your existing blogs to dynamic audio experiences. #Audio #Blogging #Podcasting #ContentMarketing

Want to reach a whole new digital audience? We convert your existing blogs to dynamic audio experiences. #Audio #Blogging #Podcasting #ContentMarketing

How's your hotel website copy? We're here to make it snappy.
#hospitality #hotelmarketing #ContentWriters

How's your hotel website copy? We're here to make it snappy.
#hospitality #hotelmarketing #ContentWriters

Is your telecom content a snoozefest? We create engaging telecom content that your target consumer actually wants to read. #Telecom #ContentMarketing #ContentWriting

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