You’ve seen it invade your monitor. You’ve seen it infest your social media feed. You’ve heard horror stories about blackhat and deceptive SEO practices. Yes, friends; the digital marketing struggle is real. It’s an epic battle to win the attention of your target audience. It’s the real battle of how you one up your competition. It’s the real battle of cost effectiveness and hiring a Content Marketing agency that understands you, an agency that always puts their best foot forward.

The Contentinators® Content Marketing Agency is here to fight the good fight. Our out-of-this-world content marketing superheroes live to eradicate the digital planet of evil and shoddy content practices. We live to create AMAZING content that differentiates, content that tells stories, content that connects and compels your target demographic. We live to kick ass and take names for your brand. Led by Captain Content, our versatile band of content marketing superheroes will take your brand to the next level.


Meet The Contentinators®


Captain Content Figure

Captain Content

The fearless leader. The head honcho. The spandex freak. He’s large and in charge, clumsy as hell, slams Appletinis, and loves to create amazing content. He also wears his underwear on the outside, and we’re still perplexed as to why. He’s Captain Content, and he saves the day everyday.

Captain Content’s passion is fueled by a disdain for evil content. Content that makes no sense, content that serves no purpose, content that isn’t created for humans, but rather to game search engines.

Engage Figure

Meet Engage

She’s sassy, sweet, and easy on the eyes. She’s Engage and believe us when we tell you, you want her on your good side, always. She’s our social butterfly, and we couldn’t do it without her.
She loves social media and driving conversations. She loves interacting and finding new fans through the various social media channels, and she truly ‘gets it.’

Want to set Engage off? Show her a social media channel with a billion cat photos or a business complaining about ROI on social media marketing when all they do is post zany updates about the coffee in their office. Engage fights evil content with strategy and actual engagement. She has also been seen with Captain Content, A LOT lately.

Curator Figure

The Curator

Tough. Menacing. Badass. These are only a few of the words that have been used to describe to our own Content Curator, The Curator. He curates content with extreme prejudice. He loves scouring the digital planet to find the most trustworthy, shareable, and engaging content anywhere.

While The Curator does look like a force to be reckoned with, he is often seen traveling with his lifelong companion, a fluffy, stuffed bunny named Mr. Patches. We don’t judge around here.

Sleuth Figure


When it has to be researched, when the facts need to add up, when we need content inspiration, we bring in Sleuth. His superhero power allows him to methodically and efficiently plug into the major search engines and provide a steady stream of content research. This research enables our league of superhero content creators to keep creating amazing, rich, informative, and share-worthy stuff.

When he’s not researching trends in your industry, he’s busy raising and training his pet Chinchilla named Mikey.

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The Bottom Line

The Contentinators® Content Marketing Agency takes crappy content VERY personally and now that you know a little bit about us, so we’d love to get to know more about you and your brand. Click the shiny button below to get in touch.