Even Santa Needs a Content Marketing Strategy

It’s official. The holiday season has finally come, and businesses are getting more and more distracted in the midst of all the festive holiday chaos. Yet, this is not the time to be sitting around thinking content marketing will succeed with just a bunch of merry texts on a web page. The joyful holiday season is the time when serious business needs to be done, especially with your content marketing team. So, we can go with gaining a couple pounds from the cheerful holiday, or we can choose Captain Content’s recommendation of gaining a couple of successful strategies for content marketing this season.

Bring Out Your Favorite Christmas Sweater

We all have that one crazy sweater we can’t wait to wear for the winter holidays. Whether it’s an ugly, but favorite, sweater gifted from your grandparents or the latest one you’ve found at the mall, all of these are special and personal to you, the owner. Think of content marketing like this: there’s not a better time than the winter holidays to get personal with your readers. Establish a strong connection with your readers and gain new ones by getting out of your shell this season. Get in the festive mood with your readers and show them that you and your team are real people, too.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Santa doesn’t have his little elves live with him in the North Pole for just any reason. With the huge population of children living throughout the world, it’s probably no joke when it comes to preparing all of the gifts each winter. So, what can we learn from Santa? To plan ahead! Learn and prepare to carry out what strategies are best for your team. Analyze what’s worked for you in the past years and what hasn’t. Just like your consumers, no one wants to get stuck working during the holiday break. Especially with the rise of mobile devices, you’ll want to plan and schedule all of your social media content ahead of time so they are seen while people are scrolling on their new holiday toys.

Start Recording Yourself

We’ve stressed in previous blogs about the rise of videos and how it can greatly help your business, no matter what industry you’re in. Did you not know about this before? Well, now you do. Creating a short video to share with your consumers is a great way to provide great content if done correctly. Get into the holiday spirit by recording a short, yet interesting video, and you’ll be sure to grab your usual readers’ attention and possibly gain new readers.

Creating content doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to connect with your readers, especially during the holidays. Step out of your usual boundaries and go above and beyond to entertain your readers while getting great results for your business. Think of it from the customer’s perspective. Would you want to read or watch dull content during this jolly season? Definitely not. If you need help on creating new blogs with fresh ideas this season, don’t hold back on asking The Contentinators® for help. Remember, even Santa needs a content marketing strategy! Give us a call at 866-471-4748.

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