Content Marketing Agency want your events to be packed with entertained, satisfied audiences. We understand how event content marketing can create an environment that gives attendees the engagement they crave.

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It’s an event manager’s nightmare: an audience turnout far under the goal, some of them constantly checking the time while others fall asleep. Attendees nowadays are uninterested in showing up to an event where they act as passive spectators. Instead, they want that event to be an experience. They want opportunities to be involved. Now, that doesn’t mean they’re clambering to be front-and-center onstage, and in most cases they probably shouldn’t be. A smaller scale approach through event content gives them a less disruptive opportunity, whether it’s building up hype or spreading photos and videos online.

Event management delivers what the audience wants to see. There is such an extreme focus on attendees that event success is based more on attendee satisfaction than revenue. Money may be important, but a crowd of disappointed faces and a sudden flux in online complaints leads to that event management nightmare becoming a reality.

Most popular social networks up to, during, and after events

An effective event content marketing strategy, generated by a content marketing agency, aims to address both attendee engagement and satisfaction. Through blogs and social media campaigns, audiences are given a chance to interact with the event and the community surrounding it—an excellent step toward building that ideal experience.


Imagine content that highlights everything your event has to offer while giving your audience opportunities to chip in about what aspects they’re most excited for. Imagine a sharable hashtag that you use to deliver information and that your audience uses to further share the event with their followers. After the event has ended, that discussion continues; your attendees will still be bragging about the event after they leave the venue and flooding social networks with news of their experience. Effective event content marketing addresses the tools that attendees use to keep up with an event, and then it uses those tools to bolster that engagement.

An overwhelming number of participants are chatting about events on social networks. Mobile devices have become an integral part of events. Cameras are old news; they’re clunky, slow, and lack the ability to instantly post to Facebook. Is it a surprise that every attendee has their phone in their pocket? In seconds they can snap several shots of a speaker, put them throw filters, and send them to all their friends. Events benefit from tapping into this discussion and incorporating it into the plan, leading to increased awareness and more people snatching tickets before the event. During the event, you can share event highlights and encourage attendees to post about the event. Their phones are already in their hand. Most of them will.

Attendees who share on social media attract people who trust their friends and want to see what all the fuss is about. If they get that added verification from their friends that your event is better than continuing that Netflix marathon, they’ll be more likely to check it out. Event content works with your audience to raise awareness and, consequently, fill up those seats.

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You want an engaged, satisfied audience. Your audience uses social media as a way to feel as though they’re a part of an event. This combination opens up opportunities for event content marketing to shine. If your audience wants to feel involved, let them have their role. Excite them with content and let them add their voice. They’ll feel as though they were attending an experience, not an event, and they’ll share that satisfaction online and feed the cycle.


Your job is to build that unforgettable event that attendees will be talking about for weeks. Our content marketing agency is here to to spread the news about your event and get your audience counting down the seconds until the big day. Go ahead and fill out that form below. We’ll be in touch to build an event content marketing strategy that works for you so that you can have more time to handle the important tasks like finding the perfect venue and organizing that event schedule.


How did we even advertise events before social media? Snail mail? Personal invites? That’s not as convenient as a Facebook event (that attendees can invite their friends to, furthering your reach). Now, if only technology could stop people from RSVPing and never showing up. Until that miracle happens, let’s just work together to get more attendees.