Facebook Pulls the Chat Feature From its App

The Contentinators’ super extern program didn’t quite take off as expected. One minute Robin and I are talking about dancing holes in our soles, and the next he’s leaping out the window because of a strange light shining in the clouds. But it’s okay! I get to talk about my favorite topic–social media, and the social media giant Facebook has been getting a lot of attention for its latest adaptation.

I love social media because of its adaptability and engagement! But some users don’t appreciate when their favorite social media channels are altered, even if it’s for the greater good. One social media channel that is constantly receiving grief for its alterations is Facebook. Even though Facebook users openly express their lack of appreciation for all the updates, Facebook continues to push their social media channel to be more useful on all platforms.

On Wednesday, April 9, the Facebook suits began notifying their mobile users that the ability to compose or receive messages will no longer be available for iOS and Android Facebook apps. The social media tycoon is, instead, pushing users to download their app: Facebook Messenger. The migration process is still in the early phase, but soon users will lose the ability to message on their mobile Facebook apps, and they’re already voicing their distaste for the new protocol.

Like all social mediums, Facebook is adaptive and is constantly looking for ways to improve. A statement by Mark Zuckerberg indicates that the decision for the transition is to improve the Facebook app’s speed and usability. If the Messenger app is downloaded it can be linked to the Facebook app, giving users the ability to leave Facebook to respond to a message, and then jump right back to what they were previously doing on Facebook. Users will be sent multiple messages until the transition is permanent and messaging is no longer available on the Facebook app.

So what’s the deal with this app? Should we all download it and peacefully say goodbye to the messaging capabilities on the Facebook app? While numerous bloggers are referring to this transition as “the dumbest idea Facebook has ever made,” the Messenger app has seen a 70% increase in its users. The Facebook Messenger app was built to be an efficient mobile-to-mobile communications tool, including additional features, and is capable of reaching people at all hours. Messaging with this app is reported to have improved communication speed by 20% when compared to the Facebook app.

So give it a try, don’t judge it until you’ve checked it out for yourself. One of social media’s greatest features is its adaptability, and if a change increases engagement then it must be a good change! This isn’t some kind of Facebook power trip, it’s an attempt to make mobile social media communication more efficient and engaging.

Keep up with the social media and I’ll see you on the Web! XOXO


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